Mervat Alharbali Mervat Alharbali

Family & Friends
Elementary level


Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening practice using a text about family and friends

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in conversations in the context of family and friends


Stage 1 (3-5 minutes) • (Lead in / Warmer)

- T shows a slide of a small / big family picture and elicit from the students the topic of the listening, namely 'big & small families'. - SS will complete the sentences in exercise 1 (Warm up: page 39) to show their opinions about how many members there are in a small / big / typical family. - SS will check in pairs. There is no correct answers here as SS are expressing their opinions. - T elicits some ideas WC. - T will check if SS agree with others' answers!

Stage 2 • To listen for gist

- T will show the class 2 slides about 2 countries, Czech Republic and Bosnia, so students are clear about them when they see them on the handout. - T will also pre-teach the word: ' relations' that will appear in the listening task. - SS will look at the pictures and the countries in exercise 1, listening for gist. - SS will listen alone and circle the correct option. (SS will listen again if they need to.) - SS work in pairs and check their answers. - WC feedback will follow that. - T will write the answers on the board. - T will write the answer on the board.

Stage 3 • To listen for details

- SS will listen again for details and complete the sentences. - T might replay parts of the listening if necessary. - SS check their answers in pairs. - WC feedback will follow and T writes the answers on the board.

Stage 5 • to do controlled practice

- T introduces " a lot of" & " lots of". - T writes the marked sentences ( from the listening task) on the board. * I have a lot of cousins. * I have lots of uncles. - T covers the meaning, form & pronunciation. - T uses CCQs to elicit their meanings from the SS. * Do I have one cousin / uncle or more? "More" * Do I have a small number or a large number of cousins? " A large number"

Stage 6 • To do freer Practice
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