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İrem Aydoğdu's Tp4
A1 Beginner level


In this lesson, Ss will learn Wh-questions in the context of free time and do reading,listening and speaking exercises to improve themselves. Also , they will learn telling time in a detailed way.


Abc Free Time
Abc Free time interview
Abc wh- question cut up

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Wh- questions in the context of free time

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of free time


Warm up/ Lead in (10 minutes) • To review free time vocab and prepare Ss for grammer session/ Wh- questions

T will draw her picture on the board and put some wh- questions and blanks________ As a groups of 3- Ss find 2 questions about teacher and write it on their notebook use colorful pencil to highlight questions T will answer each question and write the answers- shows the form of the questions pronunce it together

Grammer (20 minutes) • To teach Ss the negative form of WH- questions and To give chance them to practice on task based exercises.

T will hand out gap filling activity to provide controlled practise T will monitors while they are working on the worksheet and T will give immediate feedback ( tell them ---> there's an error in that sentence ) T wants them to check with your partner T wants them to answer the question individually -------- T wants them to do the exercise 2 in their worksheet Ss will make questions from the prompt ( by adding do ) T will do the first example on the board. ----- T introduces the cut up activity (PW) T want students tot match the Wh- question with the entire sentence

Speaking (15-17 minutes) • To encourage Ss to practise what they have learned during the lessson and To provide Ss speaking comprehension

T will give an handout/interview about free time activities T wants Ss to stand up and interview with their 4 classmates

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