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World of work- present simple affirmative
Beginners A1 level


This lesson will focus on the verb form present simple affirmative where the students will practice talking about their lives and their work. The receptive skill that will be used is mainly reading, while the productive skill will be speaking and writing.


Abc CD Straightforward beginner

Main Aims

  • Practicing using the verb form present simple affirmative

Subsidiary Aims

  • Learning to describe and talk about their lives
  • developing their reading skills and ability to draw information from the text


Lead in: reviewing vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • To build the interest and drill key vocabulary

Pasting pictures one by one, I will elicit the vocabulary from the students. Altogether seven pictures (see material Workplace pictures). Model the pronunciation and do choral drill with them. Then write the name on the WB. Ask: "who works in a ........" They will come up with some jobs. I will not necessarily write those on the WB to add unnecessary vocabulary

Introducing the sentence structures (8-10 minutes) • To give the models for the sentences that we will use through the lesson

I will display OHP picture 1. Ask: "what place is he in?" Motion at the picture as a whole. City. "what car is this?" taxi "What does he have? Doctor?" {Point to the suit) SS will give ideas. Teacher will instruct the ss to listen to the cd. Play the recording. Repeat and drill the sentences. This is the time to model form and pronunciation Display the Table HO on the OHP. Point out the sentences just used. Then demo the task 1, to fill the blanks in the tables. Do one example and then give the HO. Divide them in pairs as they sit. Together let them find out where each word fits in. Check with the others at the table. For FB give each table a slip with the word to paste in the right place. Let them come to the WB and paste it in the right place. Task 2: chest the same handout and point to the three lines at the bottom. Demo what to do by applying the sentences to myself. tell them to make three sentences, and say them to their partner. Do fb by getting some of them to speak out in class.

While reading-matching people and text (10-12 minutes) • To provide practice for skim reading

The teacher will chest the Text and picture HO with the texts and the pictures. Instruct them to read and match the pictures. Work in the pairs they are. Again check with the others at the same table. The key will be written on the WB Then let them continue with task 2 on the same HO, let them work together in their pairs. Ask: who is speaking? Demo the first one together. Feedback, let ss give the answers. Let them say the whole sentence in order to repeat the TL. (delayed correction)

Structure for present simple affirmative (10-14 minutes) • To give the grammatical structure for them to use in their further exercises

Let them switch partners. Then paste one model sentence on the board using the word cutouts. Illicit the grammatical names for the words by letting them paste the right definition over the word. Point our the verb. Ask and ICQ the meaning of a verb. Get them to say other verbs. Display the texts from from Text and Picture HO on OHP and demo the task to trace all the verbs in the texts. After they are done. as a FB let as many as possible come and circle the "live, work, go" verbs. Close the OHP and display the model sentence. CCQ to define present simple. Use CCQ and a timeline to clarify. Ask them to say something they do everyday to make sure they understand. Point out the difference between other persons and he, she Give a HO with practice sentences Point out the added s and ask them to do the sentences, demo the first one. Do them in their pairs. After they are finished ask them to look under their tables

Speaking exercises (8-10 minutes) • To let them use the sentences they have learned in a controlled exercise

The teacher will ask the students to look at the tables and to practice making sentences about themselves and about someone in their family. Let them practice with the group at their table. Teacher will monitor silently, making sure they stay on TL, take note and finish the lesson with a fb containing praise and correction.

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