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Intermediate level


In this lesson SS will focus on an activity in which they will produce an identity for a holiday rep. SS will create an identity, background, history and antidotes for their HR. Focus will be put on using adverbs from the previous lesson in this section (never, ago, ever, recently, before, in 1997, this week, last week, just, at 10 o'clock, yet, already) SS will be called upon to demonstrate the exercise as well as nominate the best HR of the class.


Abc Holiday Rep Handout

Main Aims

  • To give ss an opportunity for free spoken practice of the present perfect tense. In the context of holiday tour reps

Subsidiary Aims

  • To recycle phrasal verbs of travel / time adverbials with different present /simple present perfect tenses.


Warmer/Lead-in (8-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

White board is split into two sides. On the middle line, T places half of a large photo of a man on the white board. Begins with eliciting, "what's this mans job?" after a few answers are written, T places the other half of the photo, showing animals in the background. Obviously he is a safari guide. T begins to elicit as much information as possible about the man with the time allowed. T leads SS by asking questions such as, What is his name? What does he do? What's his name? What country is he from? What other things do we know about him? When did he start? What are some good things about his job, what are some not so good things about his job? What does he like about the job? What doesn't he like about his job? What is an interesting story about his work. Encourage PPT How long Once the holiday rep is fully modeled, T will ask the class, "What type of questions can we ask the holiday rep?" T will quickly divide class in to pairs and instruct student pairs to write 6 questions that they can ask the holiday rep. While ss are writing questions, T is setting up an area of the board for questions to be written. Once finished, T is monitoring and giving FB to groups. At the end of 3 min, the T will ask one person from each pair to come up to the board and write a question for the holiday rep. Example, "Do you like your job, how long have you been a safari guide/holiday rep? What are some interesting stories? Have you have any problems recently?" T will also hint and lead students to use adverbs from previous lesson. ie: NEVER - AGO - EVER - RECENTLY - BEFORE - IN 1997 - THIS WEEK - LAST WEEK - JUST - AT 10 O'CLOCK - YET

Creating a holiday rep persona (8-10 minutes) • for ss to imagine and write up a holiday reps dossier

SS are divided in to pairs. Each pair is given a sheet of paper with a picture of a holiday rep and the name of a country / area. the sheet has two blank areas for writing. SS are told that they are the holiday rep and to fill in any pertinent information regarding their background, working history, likes & dislikes, and to make up a story about the holiday rep. while at the same time, think about what questions you could ask the holiday rep to get interesting information from them. SS will fill in the information together in pairs. While SS are doing this activity, T will walk around the class, give FB and also give each student one of two labels, either "A" or "B" for the following activity

Interview activity (15-20 minutes) • To produce questions and answers using the model of a holiday rep

SS are instructed that the A's are holiday reps, and B's are the journalists. T instructs A's to switch with the A's behind / in front of them. T instructs the "B" students to use the questions they have learned to ask about the life/history of the holiday rep (student A) T will select a pair and have them demonstrate the concept. After 3 minutes of (PW), the A's get up and move to the next interview. As the B students ask the same questions again and again, they will become better and more fluid. As the "A" students are speaking about their holiday rep persona, they too will be come more adept at answering these questions and more familiar with the vocab. After 2 or 3 rounds, SS are asked to go back to their original seats and switch duties. Now the A's are journalist and the B's are holiday reps. This activity continues for another 2 or 3 rounds, time permitting. Then SS go back to their original seats.

Post interview / speaking questions (3-5 minutes) • To provide an opportunity for students to react to the activity and give FB

SS are asked, who was a great / most interesting holiday rep. SS are asked what made them a great holiday rep. Which holiday rep had the best stories. which holiday rep had the worst experiences. etc. Error correction and reinforcement of secondary aim expected at this time.

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