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Vocabulary and speaking. Mysteries
B2 level


In this lesson Ss will lear vocabulary related to mysteries, unsolved and strange situations in our life like ghosts, telepathy or supernatural power. The vocabulary will be used in convesations during the lesson to improve communicative eficiency.


Abc HO-prepared by teacher (based on Module 9, p. 96, Up.Int Course Book)
Abc Module 9, p. 96 (Up. Int Course Book)
Abc HO-prepared by teacher
Abc WB, projector

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in vocabulary related to the topic about mysteries or strange situation.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking practice in a disscution in context of mysteries situation.


Stage 1 (Warm-up/Lead-in) (2-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students.

-Ss will see few pictures about mysterious situations like ghosts, bend spoons, Northern Lights or pack of cards. -I will ask them some question: What do you think about those pictures? Is there anything strange about them? Is it scary? How we can call such a strange situations? -elicit TL from the students and explain that this is as a topic of our lesson today.

Stage 2 (Exposure) (3-10 minutes) • To provide context of the target language through vocabulary.

-put Ss into pairs or small groups (it depend of the number of Ss) and give them two HO to mach 12 words and phrases with the definition. -words and phrases related to main topic of the lesson will help Ss to understand context of the next activity that we will do. -the FB wiil on the board, I will write correct answer for example: definition 1 is for phrase 3 etc. during this activity I can correct their pronunciation and show where is stress.

Stage 3 (Useful Language) (4-15 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language in the context of mysteries.

-I will devide clas in to two groups so I will choose one of the grouping methods. -give Ss text from Module 9, 12 strange situation and 12 words and phrases from the former activity which the meaning they already know. -ask them to match each situation to each word or phrase. Don't forget to use some CCQs. -on the board one member of each group will write answers. After that I will reveal the correct answers so they can see on the board which answer is good, which is bad and we can compare two groups. -IIn this moment we can discuss few minutes so I can encourage them to explain their answer and ask them for more inforamtion like: Why did you choose answer "d" for situation 7? -I will present additional vocabulary useful in next activity. Wordsand phrases like: amazing, disgraceful, disturbing, hard to believe, ridiculous, spooky,suspicious, weird. (meaning, form and pronunciation and also stress) -Later on I will give them new HO for new activity. -Ss will mingle around the class asking one person only twice one question: In your opinion which situation is a) amazing, b). disgraceful etc. The number of the situation and the name of responding student they will put in their HO. -as a FB I will ask Ss Who did they ask and which number that student said. Then I will turn to that person and ask why he or she choose that answer so we can have discussion.

Stage 4 (Productive Task) (4-15 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills.

-give Ss couple of minutes to think about their answers before puting them into small groups. -ask them two question: Do you know any of cases similar to the ones above? Has anything similar ever happened to you, or anyone you know? -when they have finished I will get few students to tell the class the strangest thing they heard in their groups.

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