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Salem Ali || TP#7 : Grammar|| Be going to
Elementary level


In thisesson,sts will be introduced in the lead-in to the context of New Year's resolutions and their future plans.After that they will listen to the CD for gist and details.Sts will elicit the marker sentence and notice the TL (be going to). They will be exposed to the meanig,pronouciation and form .After that they will have a controlled practice of the TL and then a free speaking practice.


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Main Aims

  • To notice and practice the meaning , form and pronounciation of "be going to" in the context of future plans of the topic "New Year resolutions"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening practice using a text about New Year's resolutions in the context of Future plans


lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set up a context for topic of New Year's resolution

Ask sts about the date.What's the date today?24July2013 .What is the next year?2014.What's your plan in the next New Year? What are you going to do? I am giong to stop smoking.I am giong to buy a new car ,etc..... So,today togather we are going to discuss the topic of New Year's resolustion(plans) .Write down the topic on the WB.

Pre-listening (2-3 minutes) • To prepare sts for listening

Tell sts that they are going to listen to a topic about New Year and the speakers are (Meg ,Jack) in part1/ (Ed,David) in part2. ICQ:What are you going to do? Listen to two coversations about new year.Are we ging to write ? No. Before listening , please , look quickly to the sheet I am giving you.Don't answer the questions

While-listening (6-8 minutes) • To listen for gist and specific information and answer the questions in the sheet

Sts individually listen to the CD and answer the questions.Check in pairs.WCFB. Quick look at a new questions sheet.Listen again and answer the questions.Chech in pairs .WCFB

Clarifying the target language (5-7 minutes) • Sts to notice the target language

Meaning Elicit a mark sentence from the listening task(I'm going to work less and have fun more) .Ask sts CCQs to elicit the meaning : This sentence talks about the past/present/future? Future The people decided to do it before/when they said ?Before Ok . So we use" be going to" to talk about our actions in the future but our decission was in the past. Pronouciation: After eliciting, drill the target language. From: Write an example sentence on WB: I'm going to work lessand have more fun. Elicit the structure from the sts. Highlight the "be going to" and state that we use present form of "verb to be" before going to.

Controlled practice (5-8 minutes) • For sts to use the target language in a writing activity

sts in pairs answer ex7a by filling in the gaps .WCFB .Elicit the question form of "be going to".They in pairs answer ex10a .WCFB.

Semi-controlled practice (8-10 minutes) • Sts have extra practice of the target language and be prepared for free practice

Sts in pairs answer the follwing questions: -What are going to do in the future? Write two things about :next week,next month an next year. WCFB

Free practice (3-5 minutes) • sts to practice the target language in free coversation about future plans in the context of New Year's party

sts togather to the WB celebrating the New Year and ask each other about future plans. Example: Teacher with student (modelling) S)What is your plan for next year? T) I am going to buy a new house in Istanbul. Sts in one group practise.

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