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Teacher Goes on Holiday Continued
Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate, Prep Speaking level


In this lesson Ss will continue the discussion of travel, talking about the many reasons for traveling, sharing their own experiences while traveling, and finally, discussing and debating the global implications of tourism (what are the benefits and what are some potential downsides). In the conclusion of the lesson a productive activity will be introduced, to be completed in the following lesson. For this productive activity, Ss will prepare a holiday vacation, in Turkey, for their foreign teacher, including a full travel itinerary and recommendations (where to go; what to pack; where to stay; what to do; what to eat, etc.).


Main Aims

  • To provide Ss an opportunity for freer speaking practice within the context of travel, focusing specifically on 'bad' travel experiences, including what we would define those as, how we would respond, and whether or not a request for compensation is appropriate.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss an opportunity for gist and detailed reading practice within the context of personal travel horror stories.


Warmer/Lead-In (18-20 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Write on the WB: AIR, RAIL, ROAD, and SEA. Elicit from the WC which method(s) of travel they use most often on holiday and why? "Why do you prefer that method of travel when on holiday?" Then write on the WB: COMFORT, SAFETY, PRICE, RELIABILITY, and SPEED. Elicit from the WC which factor is most important to them, organizing the WB words in an order of importance (1:5; 1 being the most important and 5 being the least important). "When planning for a holiday trip, in an order of importance (1 being the most important and 5 being the least important), how would you order this criteria list?" Write on the WB: "Business versus Personal/Recreational; Travel alone versus Travel with your family; Destination of the trip." Divide the WC into groups and redirect their attention to both lists on the WB. "Which method of travel would you prefer, and how would your criteria list change, based off of these factors? Discuss in your groups." Following GW discussion, elicit from some of the group their differentiated priority lists. Write on the WB "Places You Have Traveled To." Elicit from the WC some destinations that the Ss have traveled to and visited (both inside Turkey and abroad). Encourage the Ss to identify and explain which places they enjoyed and which places they did not enjoy.

Exposure (16-19 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading

Write on the WB WORST AND BEST HOLIDAY EXPERIENCES. Refer the Ss back to the previous lesson and our discussion of things that irritate us when we travel. "What must happen for a holiday to become a nightmare experience?" Write the Ss' answers on the WB. "Let's now think the opposite way. What must happen for a holiday to become a favored memory of yours?" Write the Ss' answers on the WB. Write on the WB: "1) What went wrong and why?; 2) What did you do [about it]?; 3) How did you feel [at the time]?; and 4) How did things turn out [in the end]?" Instruct the WC, in pairs, to share with each other the worst holiday that they ever experienced. Reference the talking points on the WB. "Discuss these 4 things when sharing your bad holiday experience." Following PW discussion, bring everyone together for WC FB. Elicit from the WC any perfect holiday stories. "Can anyone describe to me a perfect holiday experience that they had?"

Receptive Task: Right Place, Wrong Time (13-15 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target receptive skills

Inform the WC that they are going to read about some bad holiday experiences. "In this HO, three people (Tim, Gabriela, and Kelly) describe a very bad holiday that they went on. The destination for the holiday was perfect, but everything else went wrong. In your groups, I want you to discuss how you would feel if you experienced the holidays that Tim, Gabriela, and Kelly describe. Do you agree with these people? Do you think the experiences that they describe are situations that would ruin a vacation? Why do these people think that the destination is perfect, but the timing was not right?" Organize the Ss into groups and distribute the HO "In the right place...but at the wrong time!" Following GW discussion, elicit from the groups their answers and the reasons for their answers.

Productive Task: Holiday Compensation (23-25 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive and receptive skills

Focus on Gabriela's (heatwave in a normally cold environment) and Kelly's (a romantic destination after a break-up) vacation experiences. Write on the WB COMPENSATION. Elicit from the WC whether or not they think that those people deserve some sort of refund (i.e. 'compensation') for their 'ruined' holiday experiences. Inform the WC that they are going to look through a list of some complaints, from tourists, concerning 'bad' holiday experiences. "Decide, in your groups, if you agree with the complaint. Do you think that the situation, or circumstance, being complained about would negatively affect your holiday experience? Decide if the complaint deserves some sort of compensation. If you think the complaint should receive compensation, how much should the complaint receive (e.g. a 50% refund of the plane ticket/bus ticket/vacation package/boat ticket/meal/etc.)?" Distribute the HO on "Holidays from Hell!" and divide the WC into groups. Following GW discussion, bring the WC together for FB. Provide the WC with the answers to the HO (project or read aloud). Elicit a general response to this information.

IF TIME Productive Task: The Tourism Industry (17-19 minutes) • To provide Ss an opportunity to practice target productive skills

Write on the WB WHY DO PEOPLE TRAVEL? Try to elicit from the WC various reasons for traveling within your native country and abroad. Write some on the Ss' answers on the WB. Write on the WB TOURISM. Try to elicit from the WC what tourism can be defined as (T ANSWER: the business or industry of providing information, accommodations, transportation, and other services to tourists). Elicit from the WC: "How does tourism benefit a country? Why would Turkish people want tourists to visit Turkey for example?" Under BENEFITS, write some of the Ss' answers on the WB. "What about its disadvantages? Are there any issues or problems that are created by the tourism industry and tourists?" Under PROBLEMS, again, write the Ss' answers on the WB. "Now, in groups, I want you to think about and discuss tourism for the world. Do you think tourism, in general, is good or bad for the world (for our environment, for the general populace, for wild animals, etc.)?" Following GW discussion, elicit from the WC the specifics of their group conversations.

Productive Task: Turkey Travel Itinerary (9-13 minutes) • To introduce and explain the up-coming productive task (for the following lesson)

Write on the WB "Turkey: Travel Itinerary." Elicit from the WC, if they were to recommend to a foreigner places they should visit, events they should go to, local food they should try in Turkey, what would they recommend? Write a few examples on the WB. Inform the Ss that their foreign teacher, me, would like to go on a holiday when the semester ends. Divide the WC into two categories (and groups of 4). One category will make recommendations for a winter vacation (in January/February) and the other category will make recommendations for a summer vacation (between June-Sept). "I am asking each and every group to come up with a travel itinerary for me. My holiday is going to be short. Only three days. But my holiday will be in Turkey. What do you recommend to me? I want a full itinerary from your group for next week's class. This should include... 1) Where am I going? 2) Why am I going there; what is so special about this place? 3) What do I need to pack? 4) Where am I staying? 5) What am I doing for the three days that I am there? 6) Are there any special events I should attend while there? 7) Any special food I should eat while there? 8) Etc. I would like each group to speak between 6-7 minutes--each person should speak for around 1.5 minutes." Allow the Ss the remainder of the lesson to prepare for their itinerary presentation next week. Write on the WB exactly what they need to talk about during next week's group project (reference the above list).

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