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Lesson on dinner invitations,
Intermediate level


In this lesson,ss learn about requests through guided discovery based on a listening text about dinner invitations.The lesson starts with a discussion about dinner inivitations followed by a brief vocabulary practice.Then there's a prediction task where ss predict the pictures relating to the listening.This is followed by detailed listening and controlled practice with True or False questions relating to the listening.Finally there's some free practice where ss speak about their own experiences in groups.


Abc WB
Abc Hand-out with pictures
Abc HO with true/false questions
Abc HO with questions
Abc track 1.24-1.26

Main Aims

  • To provide listening practice within the context of dinner invitations

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking practice within the context of dinner invitations


Warmer/lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and involve the ss

I will tell ss that we will speak about dinner invitations.I will tell them about the last dinner invitation that I went to ;who's house was it?,what was served,who was there,what we talked about,etc.Then I will ask ss to speak in pairs about the last dinner invitation that they went to with the given questions.

Vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • To introduce the text they may not be familiar with

I will write the words;apologize,useless,tap,dreadful,gossip on the board but first I will try to elicit them

Pre-listening/predicting (5-6 minutes) • To provide speaking practice and familiarize ss with the context

I will tell them to guess what the people in the pictures are saying to eachother,they will work in pairs and discuss.Then get FB from a few ss by asking some questions.

While-listening (22-23 minutes) • To provide further listening practice by listening in detail

I will play tracks all the way through once and ask ss what the people say,for FB I will write some sentences on the board.Then I will tell them to listen again and answer the true/false sentences by working in pairs.I will stop at the end of each stage .At the end of the track I willl ask them to answer the true or false sentences .I will write the answers on the board and ask about the false sentences to justify them.

Post-listening (5-6 minutes) • To provıde free speaking practice within the context of dinner invitations

I will tell ss to imagine that they have invited a new friend for dinner,what they will cook ,other preparations they might make.They will work in groups of 3-4 .Then I will get FB from some ss.Finally I will do error correction .

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