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wh questions in Past Simple vs Pressent Simple
Elementary level


In this lesson, the students are qoing to review (yes/no) question structure in Past Simple and Present Simple and learn to build up WH qustions in both grammar tmes in the context of their music preferences. Some vocabulary words related with the topic will be also oerviwed and drilled to provide accuracy in pronuonciation.


Main Aims

  • To provide basic knowledge in accuracy of Past Simple Tence constructions, wh questions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy in usage of wh questions both in Past Simple and Present Simple Tense in the contect of Type of Music/preferances


presentation/lead in (5-7 minutes) • to get students interested, motivates in topic by presenting piece of music related with Turkish culture

Stick some picture of famous bands, singers, composers on the board and ask the students tu guess what we are going to speak about. Ask the students if they like listening to music and which type of music they know. play some piece of music which the students are familiar with (like turku and mugam) and get them name the genre. Give the instructions: tell the students that they are going to hear some music and need to put the types of music in order they hear it. Tell them that they can't open the other part of the page. Get some ICQ by showing the cards putting in order. Give handouts. (GW of 3) get feedback by checking the activity with answer key on the other side of the handouts

vocabulary review (3-5 minutes) • practice for accuracy

Ask the stydents what type of music they heard. Get them pronounce the words. write some of the words on the board. reggae - /ˈreɡ.eɪ/ a type of popular music from Jamaica, with a strong second and fourth beat opera /ˈɒpərə/ classical music /ˈklæsɪkəl/ not classic rock 'n' roll /ˌrɒkənˈrəʊl/ model and drill the phrases.

pre-teaching band, singer and composer. (7-10 minutes) • review yes/no, wh questions in Present Simple

1) Focus the students' attention on the pictures of singers, bands and composers. 2) Ask them to name some and tell who these people are. What do they do? (play music/sing music/write music) Composer /kəmˈpəʊzər/ 2) Ask the students to speak about their favourite bands, music, singers, composers. (PW) 3) Write some useful phrases on the board: I like../I don't like/ I really hate/like What type of music do you like? What is your favourite singer/band/composer? 4) tell them to work with their pair 5) get the students to stand up and move around the class to find out their classmates prefernces. Mingling around/GW. Ask the students take their seats. Feedback what they found out to speak about each other.

Focus on Grammar/Past Simple (5-7 minutes) • review past simple yeas/no questions/ teaching wh questions

1) Focus on questions on the board. Ask the students if these questions in past or present. How they know. 2) write auxiliary verbs do/did to show that we need some help verbs to ask questions in present and past. Tell them they are called yes/no questions. Do you like this singer? Did you go to the cinema? 3) introduce question words on the board and tell that these are special words used to ask more questions about details. what - subject why - reason when - place Where did you go? 4) give the instructions about the activity they are going to do. Ask them to match question words with the words we usually use them. 5) give handouts with ex from workbook/ match question words with their usage (solo) 6) check feedback by comparing the answers with answer key

focus on grammar/ wh questions (5-7 minutes)

1) focus students' attention on the board 2) write the model wh questions on it explain the order and give some termonology question word+ auxiliary verb+ subject+ infintive 3) ask the students to give more examples for this structure 4) give the instruction about the next activity. Put the words in order to build up questions. PW 5) give the handouts adapted exercise from face2 face elementary w/b

speaking/semi-controlled practice /personalisation (7-10 minutes) • practice wh questions for accuracy through personalisation

1) tell the students that we are going to speak about what we did yesterday. provide personalisation model and speak about things you did yesterday. Write some phrases on the board. did sgopping ate pizza wrote my plan listened to mucis watched the movie Ask the students to write five things they did yesterday but they shouldn't show it to their classmates (solo) 2) divide the students into two groups present simple/ past simple get the students stand in pairs/face to face and ask questions to guess what they did yesterday. Ask them to evaluate the questions when they guessed the meaning. like: Did you go to the cinema? Did you like it? Was it good? pw/gw (changing a partner) 3) get feed back to check what the students found out about their classmates.

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