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language practice - controlled
CELTA training level


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Main Aims

  • to expose ss to various language practice activities to evaluate the rationale behind them and evaluate them for classroom use.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to expose ss to good teaching practice: setting up activities, eliciting, interaction patterns & instructions


warmer (10-10 minutes) • to warm ss to sessşon and demonstrate controlled practice activity

Ask ss to form a circle with chairs. Stand in the middle and ask ss ..... change places if you ..... repeat three times then sit down. Now ss says sentence and grabs place of other ss. Repeat seven times. Elicit: what was the purpose of that activity? - to practice "if clauses ..." Elicit what type of practice? semi-controlled Enjoyable? potential problems?

lead-in (10-10 minutes) • to raise ss awareness of the importance of controlled language practice and rationale

elicit topic of session - controlled language practice. Write headings on board and ask ss to discuss ideas in groups what is controlled practice - repeating of structure / word why do it - to reinforce structure by repetition - move from short term to long term memory - teaching theory input to output when do we do it - after presentation - after task - warmer how - drills / info gap / mingling advantages / disadvantages - make ss feel safe / say TL many times / boring - repetition / lack of real purpose / not natural / limited language choices

drills (25-25 minutes) • to expose ss to different types of drill so they can practice them and incorporate them into TP

elicit - drilling and ask ss to demonstrate and drill the class. Elicit - good / poor technique - how can we improve this? lockstep usual way choral / half class / girls / boys / quşet loud back drilling mumble drilling chain drilling see ... transformation : I've got a pen, you've got a pen, he's got a pen (grammar) substitution: I've got cheese in my fridge, I've got milk in my fridge. (I've got milk and cheese in my fridge) chants silent drills jazz chants mingling activities - FWS - who are you? snowball fight, who am I

mingle (10-10 minutes) • to demonstrate and elicit the benefits and problems of these activities

FWS elicit you know this activity snowball fight - cup of conversation - find partner (conversation) - find partner

info gap (10-10 minutes) • To demonstrate and elicit the benefits and problems of info gap activities

pictures - find the difference ... info - form filling alibi

Feedback (10-10 minutes) • to check ss understanding of the session and the activities involved

need to FB how FWS - --- questions about the session

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