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Elementary A1 level


In this lesson Ss will learn and practice vocabulary first by matching the pictures to them, then relating words to situations. Then they will do listening for gist and also listening for specific information. Later they will have a productive acitivity where they will use the words they've learned. They will work either in pairs or as groups in a S-centered environment.


Abc Listening Gap fill HO
Abc Audioscript to Listening 1.9
Abc Projected Feedback of exercise 1B
Abc Speakout Elementary CD1
Abc Speakout Elementary CD1
Abc Gap fill word webs HO
Abc Pictures of Tourist Places

Main Aims

  • By the end of thisd lesson Ss will review and practice how to ask for and buy things in tourist places and to make requests to obtain them.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Ss will also practice listening for gist and listening for specific information.


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To introduce the lesson, create interest and elicit background knowledge.

Greet ss and try to remember their names after introducing yourself Ask ss to think about tourist places, elicit some answers and write them on the wb. Give ss a sheet to write their ideas on in pairs. Then ss compare their answers in groups.

Matching vocab (5-6 minutes) • to activate ss' existing knowledge

SS stand up and look at the photos on the walls in pairs as a gallery walk. Ask them to talk about what they see in the picture. In groups of 3-5,ss match the names of the tourist places to the pictures. Some ss check other groups' answers.

Vocabulary (15-18 minutes) • To practice vocabulary in context and practice pronunciation by listening

Ask ss the Q ' What can you buy/ find in these places?' and pass on sheets for ss to work in pairs to write as many things as they can that can be bought/found in these places. Spread the sheets with Vocabulary exercise B on. SS check to see if they can see their answers in the words in pairs and they match the words to word webs individually. Ss listen to track 1.8 to check their answers. T projects the answers. Drill the vocabulary as a WC and then individually. SS listen one more time to repeat the words. Ask ss the Q 'what can you buy/find in a classroom?' elicit answers. SS say the name of a place and other ss say what to buy there without looking at their notes in pairs.

Listening for Gist (2-3 minutes) • To provide a controlled listening practice for gist

Listen to four conversations in track 1.9 to see where the people are. SS check their answers. Feedback is given as a WC.

Listening for Specific Information (4-5 minutes) • To provide a controlled listening practice for specific information

Listen to track 1.9 again this time to find out what each tourist buy. SS first check in pairs and they're given the audioscript slips. Elicit the answers and write on WB.

Speaking (5-7 minutes) • to provide speaking production with the learned vocabulary from controlled practice to free production

Ask SS what they buy in these places. Write I buy................ in ................ on WB. Nominate SS to answer. SS speak in groups of 3-5

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