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2. First Kiss
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will have a Reading & Listening skill class. They will read about Bill, Ruth, Clare and Stan.


Abc Audio Files For Listening Exercise
Abc Complete The Sentences
Abc Reading Article
Abc Speaking Activity / Intro

Main Aims

  • Reading For Specific Information

Subsidiary Aims

  • Using Topic Specific Vocabulary To Understand A Listening Text About Relationships


Lead-In (3-5 minutes) • To activate Ss existing knowledge of topic and interest in the theme / topic of the lesson

PRE-CLASS ! * Put up poster activity material on board before class * Have tables set-up = 2 tables per group => 6 Groups ----------------------------------------------------------------------- * Quick greeting ~30 sec. * Point out the photo of john on the car and ask the students - "Who do you think this is?" - "John Lee" or "John" - "Where is John From?" - "America" or "The States" etc... - "Do you think this photo was taken in America?" - "Yes" - "Who do you think took the photo?" - Students will respond with family bonds. wait for an answer related to 'Girlfriend'. - "oooh... girlfriend, maybe his first love. What about the car? Do you think it's his first car?" - "Yes." or "No." - "Why?" or "Why not?" - Students will give answers * Explain to students that it is his first car. * Point to two photos of people - "Who do you think these people are?" - "His Friends" - "Right. Maybe his first best friends?" * Point to the photo of the cat - "What do you think this is?" - "His first cat" * Point to Mansion - "What do you think this is?" - Students will make random comments. If no students say "His dream house" then - "Maybe its his first dream house." * Link to Speaking - "Who remembers their first car?" ...

Speaking Task / Warm-Up (4-5 minutes) • To get students more engage and wake-up (Morning Class)

* Ask Ss if they remember their first car or first pet * Introduce the Speaking Activity / Intro HO * Tell them to read by them selves ICQ !! => "Will you work in groups?" ICQ !! => "Will you work in pairs?" * Explain that they will only pick 3 (three) or 4 (four) topics ICQ !! => "How many will you pick?" * Check the instructions again ICQ !! => "Are you working alone? How many do you pick?" * Tell them they have ~1 (two) min. ICQ !! => "How many minutes do you have?" Pass Out HO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Get Ss attention (Power Position) * Instruct Ss to work in pairs and practice asking each other the questions they picked * Give them ~2 (two) min. ICQ !! => How many minutes do we have?" * Ask what Ss learned about partners (Not whole class)

Pre-teach Vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • To pre-teach / unblock key lexis needed to help students understand the text and complete the next task

*Introduce Online Dating Sites Start by asking if they could name a few different ways of meeting people. Students will most likely name places to meet people - if this happens ask "What about the internet?" - if they question whether or not the internet is a real place "Can you shop online?" - "Yes" - "So, Where can you shop?" - "Online" - Make correlation with where question and location then link to the internet - "So, What do we call websites where we can meet people online? - "Facebook" or "Social Networks" or "Chat Rooms" - "Can we say one way of meeting someone is online dating websites?" - "Yes" *Introduce 'Fall in love' - "What about if you see someone on the street and fall in love immediately, (small gesture/ act out scenario) what do we call that?" - Students will most likely not get the right answer - make clear it is 'love at first sight' CCQ !! "So, What do we call it if you know you love someone right away?" * Introduce 'Holiday' and 'Competition' with a quick question like "Can you fall in love on holiday?" or "What about at a competition, like a TV talk show?" * Introduce 'Crush' - "What if you (kind of like) or (are attracted to) someone and want to get to know them?" - It will be difficult to elicit 'crush' from students - If no student says crush then give them the definition. * Introduce the words engaged, wedding, marriage and anniversary next. - "Let's say I have a ring on this finger (Point Left Ring Finger), what does that mean?" - "And if I had one on my right finger? (Point Left Ring Finger)" - "Do I need to be married to have a wedding?" * The point o asking this to check if they know the word 'wedding'. - "Let's say I was married for 1 (one) year. What would I celebrate?" * Introduce the words 'Amuse' and 'Intimate' - "Do you think I'm more intimate with my best friends or (Shrug / Guessing gesture) with my 3rd (third) grade class mate?" - "Wouldn't it be amusing if I said my 3rd (third) grade class mate? That would be funny. I don't even remember where I lived when I was in the third grade." *Introduce the words Broken Heart and Appalled - "What about heart break? Is feeling heart broken a good thing?" - "I think heart break is an appalling topic. It scares me." CCQ !! => "Do you think heart break is appalling? Do you find it appalling? does it shock you? or scare (Relevance to 'Horrify') you? Link to Reading Exercise * Comment about how the room feels dark and how we should make lighten it

Reading for Gist (3-5 minutes) • To encourage Ss to read for gist and to get an overview of the text

Chest HO. Tell Ss they have 1 (one) min. to look through the questions. ICQ !! => "How many minutes do you have?" Pass around Reading for Gist HO Explain to students that they will read about Clare and Bill They only have 2 (two) min. to find the answers. ICQ !! => "How much time?" and " Alone or in pairs? What about in groups?" HO Reading Article PW to check answers

Reading for Specific Info (3-5 minutes) • To practice reading for specific Information and to further familiarize the Ss to the text

Instruct the Complete The Sentences HO They have 2 (two) min. to complete the assignment and to PW ICQ !! => "How many minutes do you have?" and "Are you working alone?" Pass out the HO When completed, check the answers as a class.

Reading for Detail (8-10 minutes) • To practice reading for detailed comprehension and to get Ss to understand the text in depth

Instruct Students to read the article completely. Give them ~5 (five) min.

Listening for Detail (3-5 minutes) • To practice listening for detailed comprehension and to get Ss to understand the text in depth

write question 3 on WB. Give student ~1 (one) min to read and analyze the question. open the listening material. Ask the question. Get FB from some students.

Speaking Task / Outro (5-5 minutes) • To allow an opportunity to react to the text, develop oral fluency on the topic and provide an opportunity to personalize the topic

Get Ss to work in pairs. Write out No.4 (four) on WB. Ask them to talk about it. Choose a few students to give answers.

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