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Writing a form
elementary level


Students learn how to write a form using their own information through reading a form.


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Main Aims

  • To enable SS to write a form using their own information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • 1- Students practise reading skills.
  • 2- Students acquire some new vocabulary.


Warm up (2-3 minutes) • To attract SS attention and make them ready for the lesson.

I welcome students . I write the names of students on some balloons and ask students to take turns to look for their names in 10 seconds. Someone who will be able to find his name first , will get a prize.

Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To get students engaged and interested in the lesson, to begin creating a context for the writing task and to activate known vocabulary.

I use the PPP and show students this question. What do you know about yourself ? I ask them to work in pairs to give information about themselves.

Gist reading ( Exposure ) (3-4 minutes) • Students see the example text and get overview, to practise reading quickly for overall understanding.

I give students handouts of the form that they will read . I will attach it at the end of the lesson I ask students : what is the kind of this form ? To make them get the general idea of the text. I ask them : Is it an application form or competition entry form ?

Focus on language and layout. (8-10 minutes) • Students pick up the useful language and be aware of the structure and layout of the text they will write.

I want students to practise scanning the text , ** Task 1 I divide students into 4 groups . I ask them to fill in the missing parts in the form using the details in the form they had taken before. Here I can ask them some ICQs to check their understanding of the instructions. 1- Are you going to work in pairs or groups? 2- Are you going to fill in the form from your own or from the form? ** Task 2 : I ask students to match the headings to the details and vice versa . Now students become familiar with the useful and the layout.

Brainstorming ideas ... Making notes (5-10 minutes) • Students practise gathering ideas,

I ask SS to work in pairs and gather information about each other. I ask every pair of students to say in front of the class the information that he gathered about his classmate. By doing this , I make sure that all students know the language and the layout.

Organization (3-6 minutes) • Students organise notes and make a rough plan.

I ask students to work in groups to decide the order that they will write . I make groups exchange the information till they reach the final order of the form. I discuss with the students the final order they wrote.

First draft (5-8 minutes) • Students develop their ability to construct a text, organising and expressing their ideas with relevant language.

I divide students into 4 groups , every group consists of 5 students . I give every group 5 sheets and ask the first student to write the first two elements of the form , then he gives it to student No 2 .All students do the same . Finally , every student wrote only two elements in his form and 10 elements in all forms. I can use ICQs to check their understanding: 1- Are you going to work in pairs or Groups? 2- How many elements will every student write in his form? 3- How many elements will every student write in all forms?

Revising -- Editing (4-6 minutes) • Students develop their ability to self correct and asses their written work.

I ask students to work in their groups to discuss the form and make changes. I ask them to check the spelling of some words . Make sure that they wrote all the elements of the form. Students can take turns to read the forms that their classmates wrote.

Final revision (5-8 minutes) • Students focus on accuracy and improve their final product.

I ask students to work in pairs to correct the forms to each other and give feedback to each other. I ask students to highlight the main mistakes. I will give them the criteria of correction . I will attach them at the end of the lesson.

Puplishing -- Feedback (10-15 minutes) • Students publish their work to feel a sense of completion and know what they can improve.

Students take turns to stick their forms on the wall , the whole class reed it . I give students feedback and show them the points of strengths and weaknesses .

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