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A1 level


Speaking Lesson


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Main Aims

  • To provide specific information and deduction

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency


Lead in (Adam) (15-20 minutes) • Developing a theme and a background related to free time.

-"Tell your partner about your weekend" (2minutes) -Miming (What did I do on the weekend?) -Eliciting "free-time" -Divide the ss into two groups -Ss are told to look at the images (20 secs.)- look & remember -Have them write the activities they remember (Captains only) -The team with the most words will win the game -Check and feedback -"What is your favourite activity?" in groups

Pre-Listening (Haya) (15-20 minutes) • To create a base for the main listening activity

-Show them some pictures to elicit words -exciting, dangerous, relaxing and fun-Activity-1 -Have them in pairs -Write the words on the board -Distribute the cutouts in the pairs -Have them paste it on the board below the related words - Have them in groups of 3 - "How many wh questions can you think of?" - Instruct them about the activity-2 - Have them put the paper cutouts at right places -Tell and model the activity-3 ( What do I like doing in my free time?) -Have ss do the activity -Feedback, pass the class to the next teacher

Listening (Mahfooz) (15-20 minutes) • Make ss practice listening to make them learn required learning skills

- Connect it with Haya's lesson - Instruct ss about your listening activity -Activity-1 - Play the audio clip and have them do the while listening activity - Tell them to find answers below their seats - Have them do the listening for specific information (T/F)- Activity-2 - Take feedback and write the answers on board - Have them do the survey after instructing them rules and also tell them to write the reasons for their likes- Activity-3 -Do error correction and pass on the lesson to next teacher -

Final stage (Sibel) (15-20 minutes) • To make ss practice the target language in a freer way

- Have ss in groups of 3-4 - Instruct them to make posters for advertisement & promotion of their club, give them some choices on the board (PPT) to choose from - Distribute the charts/papers among groups and give them time limits to complete the task - Get the group captain explain his/her poster to the whole class - Do error correction, give feedbacks and wind-up the lesson

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