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Farm animals, prepositions and vocabulary
Kids ( from 7_9 years) level


In this lesson, Ss Will get to know the meaning,form ,and use of the prepositions ( in, on, next to). They will get to know the pronunciation of sentences that include these prepositions through the listening exercises provided in the lesson. Through other exercises, they will have the opportunity to recognize the farm animals through matching and colouring activities.


Abc Flashcards
Abc Listening 5,6

Main Aims

  • To provide practice the vocabulary of animals and the use of prepositions in the context of farm animals.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice for specific information in the same context.


Lead in (2-4 minutes) • Set lesson context and engage students

The teacher provides the Ss with listening. 5 then asks them to read then act every picture in pairs.

Test (4-5 minutes) • Diagnose what Ls already know about the target language

The teacher introduces Mr Rex and Mr. Mario to ss. The teacher starts a small role modeling conversation using the puppets to give an idea about the lesson. Then the teacher asks ss to have a look at pictures and tell him what they can see. Lucy, frog, Sam, water, trees ,etc In page .8, the teacher asks Ss to listen to audio.5 then read the sentences individually. Then the teacher asks pair of ss to act the story then chooses another pair. The teacher then asks ss to read the sentence and look at the picture to complete the fill-in gaps . The teacher provides a clear demonstration of the exercise through using chesting and ICQs. The teacher asks Ss to work in pairs then check answers in groups. After that, the teacher will play track.6 to check answers with the whole class to make sure that they all have the same answers.

Teach (2-4 minutes) • Clarify aspects of the TL that LS don't already know

The teacher provides Ss with a clarification of the meaning, form, and pronunciation of the prepositions on board using flashcards (made by the teacher).

Test (3-5 minutes) • Check that LS have improved in their knowledge of the TL to provide an opportunity for LS to use the TL

The teacher in this exercise asks Ss about the drawings provided in whether they are about cars, clothes, animals or people. Then, the teacher asks Ss to read the names of animals and circle only the names of the animals provided in the exercise. The teacher asks Ss to work individually in two minutes then check answers in pairs.

Controlled Practice (2-5 minutes) • Provide an opportunity for LS to use the TL

In a colouring activity, the teacher asks Ss to color the animals in the picture according the instructions provided in the exercise. The teacher reads these instructions and asks about each color for each animal. The teacher sticks colours flashcards on board to provide a simple and easy demonstration. The teacher chooses one student of each pair and gives him/her the board marker to write the name of animal under the color flashcard matching with it. Then, the teacher asks Ss to color the picture according to instructions clarified on board ( e.g. under the brown flashcard , a student writes "dogs" and so on) .

Free practice (3-6 minutes) • Provide an opportunity for LS to use the TL

The teacher asks Ss to draw farm animals and colour them . Also , the teacher asks Ss to use one of the prepositions of the lesson in their drawings. The teacher gives them a specific time of 3 minutes then asks them to exchange their drawings and each one talks about his/her partner's drawing and which preposition is used.

Feedback (1-2 minutes) • Praise good use of TL to correct errors in TL use

The teacher asks Ss if anyone has any questions about the lesson . Then, The teacher thanks Ss for their listening and active participation in class.

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