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Intermediate level


In this lesson, students practice speaking skills using the vocabulary they learned in the previous lesson in the context of bad luck/superstitions. They will engage in a controlled task of describing sequences of pictures, and then a freer task of speaking about a day where they had bad luck. They will then practice reading and speaking about the topic in the reading within the context.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice in speaking using the time-marker vocabulary from the previous lesson (the moment, as soon as, when/while, as, when/by the time/after) The students will practice accuracy and fluency.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading--students will read a short passage and speak about it, relating the content to their own cultures.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • Activating their previous knowledge, establishing context: bad luck/superstition

Pictures of superstitions. Pair work: What is the common element of these pictures? Can you guess the topic of this lesson? elicit: people believe they bring good/bad luck.

Vocabulary pre-teaching (7 minutes) • To familiarize the students to essential words for the context

Introduce superstition as the topic. Elicit meaning/describe the meaning using the pictures: "Do many people believe these will bring bad/good luck?" "Do they make sense? Is this a rational or irrational belief?" noun, adjective (superstitious), phonemes, drill. Elicit: time-markers from the prev class. 1 minute pair work to remember the markers. (SLIDE 2) 30 second peer check, then WGFB the moment/as soon as/when while/as/when by the time after

Controlled speaking practice (10-12 minutes) • To practice the time-markers from the previous lesson for accuracy.

T sticks sequences of pictures and leaves the projector on. "Today's teachers had some unlucky accidents yesterday." In your pairs, walk around the room. (You have 3 minutes for each picture, so be creative!) Tell your partner what you think happened to us. You can use the words here on the board. When I say CHANGE the other person will start to tell. When I clap, you will change picture. T monitors to correct on the spot/take notes. 1 min remaining for the last picture: T tells SS that they will tell the class what happened at their picture.

Freer speaking practice (12 minutes) • To practice fluency in the context of bad luck.

SS have talked about the bad luck of the teachers, now they will tell a time in the past when they had bad luck. (elicit: missed a plane, got caught in the rain...) SS think about a time when they had bad luck. (1 min) SS take notes about the event. (1 min) SS sit in speed dating style. After 1-2 minutes, the other partner begins. After 3-4 minutes, one row moves. WGFB-T nominates a S to tell another S's story. Delayed error correction

Reading a short passage (10 minutes) • students read a short passage and relate it to their own culture.

SS are given the questions and the passage together. "Look at the questions, then read the questions. Think about answers." (3 min) They read the text alone. They discuss with a partner. (5 min) They share ideas with the neighboring pair. (2 min) WGFB: Class survey, show of hands: Who thinks owls are unlucky? (T monitors to hear other animals) What was the most common superstition in your group? Who is superstitious in the class? EXTRA ACTIVITY (if there is a small nr of learners and too much time left) Do you believe in luck? (split into groups and debate.) EXTRA ACTIVITY 2: (if there is a large group and little time) "Why do you think superstitions exist?"

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