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Headline News
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson students will be introduced to new vocabulary through the context of headline news. The lesson starts with a discussion about what's going on in the world today. This is followed by a vocabulary exercise where students deduce words out of HO1. Students will match headlines to pictures. This is followed by a listening activity where students will this time match radio news items with headlines. The teacher will have them write complete sentences for each headline. Finally, they will write their own news stories for headlines given by the teacher. If time debate TV vs. Newspaper.


Main Aims

  • To introduce new vocabulary and practice speaking and writing through the context of headline news.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice in listening for gist.


Lead In (3 minutes) • To introduce the topic of headline news by eliciting through pictures of famous anchorman.

Show pictures of Ugur Dundar and Reha Muhtar. Ask the class what was their jobs were before they became journalists. Ask the class what is happening in the news today.

Reading (3 minutes) • To have students practice reading for gist.

Chest HO1. Fold the paper in half. Work in pairs Give one minute to read. Ask the students to read the two sentences. Write comprehension questions on WB

Pre-teach Vocabulary (5 minutes) • To have student deduce meaning of new words by reading for specific information.

Teacher will chest activity to the class. Give a time limit so the students don't spend too much. Students will read the two sentences and deduce meaning of underlined words. They will match each word to the correct definition. Check answers with partners

Language Analysis (5 minutes) • To practice pronunciation of new vocabulary, and review some basic terminology

Teacher will write a sentence on the board, and have sts dissect it. Teacher will write some new vocabulary on the WB with their transcript. Teacher will ask questions to class about syllables and stress. Students will practice saying the words together. CCQs on language analysis sheet

Match headlines to pictures (2 minutes) • To have students review vocabulary in context of 'headline news'.

Teacher will chest activity. ICQ: Do one of them yourself. Ask the students to work in pairs for this one. Match headlines to appropriate picture. Student that finishes first will write the answers on the board.

Listening (5 minutes) • To give students practice in listening for gist

Teacher will introduce activity. Students will listen to six news stories and match them to the proper headlines given on pg.64. Remind students that they are only listening to get the main idea of each news story. Teacher will play track 2.22 from New Inside Out. Sts will tell the class their answer. (Try to get the quiet ones to participate in this one) Any different answers?

Write headlines in sentence (5 minutes) • To give students practice in writing for accuracy

Teacher will explain activity. Work in pairs. (maybe switch pairs) "Usually there are very few prepositions in headlines" Ask class why? To save space and give headline a punch! Then, ask class to write these headlines in a full sentence or two. Have each group read out one headline they wrote.

Writing (10 minutes) • To give students practice writing and speaking about a specific topic.

Write three headlines on the WB. Have them choose one. Have them work in two groups Ask students to write their own news story. They could be as creative as they want. Doesn't have to be true. Ask each group to broadcast their news to the class

Debate (10 minutes) • To give students practice in speaking for fluecy about a topic they support.

Ask students who like to follow the news from the television to the left. Does anyone like to listen to the news? And those who like to read about what going on to the right. Ask them to have a brief discussion with their group, and jot down some ideas they can use in the debate. Brief group discussion and have them try to persuade one another. ICQ: Are you writing a script?

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