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Time and price
Elementary level


In this lesson Ss are going to work on two listening tasks which are about advertisement for some free time activities that include time and price. Therefore, they have to figure out the time that they have already worked on it and how to say different prices. In addition, they are going to work on a task that will help them how to ask prices


Abc • face to face/Ss book/page 19/hand out and work book page 13-ex4

Main Aims

  • • In this lesson students review time and how to ask price

Subsidiary Aims

  • • listening and speaking


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to set context in order to engage the stdents

I am going to talk about my experience to make them involved make them familiar with the words advertisement and exhibition.

review (10-12 minutes) • reviewing time and subconscious exposure

As my dear colleague worked on how to ask about time and how to say, it would be quiet logical to make a connection between what they learned and what they want to learn and it is so useful if they check what they learned while they unconsciously get familiar with asking and saying price.

exposure (10-12 minutes) • learning how to say price with their signs

Before they listen to the same listening, I am going to write different currencies on the board so as the whole class becomes involved to elicit how to say the price with their currencies by giving them choices and then we will check the answers and we work on the listening again.

conversation (14-16 minutes) • To use what they learn in a natural way

Ss are supposed to work on some paper slips and match them in pair to make a conversation. In this task students will answer to information questions such as what time and how much and their answers will be checked by listening.

controlled task 1 (8-10 minutes) • to learn question form with how much

In this part Ss work individually on a limited written task in order to learn which verb of to be (is or are) should they put after how much to make question. Early finishers are going to write the answers on the board so as to be checked by whole class to understand the reason.

controlled task 2 • to make a conversation with with what they learned

They are going to do a limited writing task in which some parts are left to them to fill in order to check the whole understanding of the lesson. Their answers will be checked in pair in order to discuss the reason

If task • they can produce the language

I am going to write such as questions about what time and how much so that Ss can make a conversation

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