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Reading Skill
Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson, learners will have practised reading for gist, and detailed information in the context of sport.


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Main Aims

  • Students will by the end of the class practised reading for gist, and reading in detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking practice. Students will discuss some questions together about Sport
  • To provide speaking practice in the context of Sport


Warmer/Lead-in (3-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Setting the context: Today our class is about sport Exercise A Ask students to name some sports, Exercise B Ask students to name unusual sport Exercise C Ask a students What sports do you like? Exercise C Explain to the students they are going to discuss in groups break out room for two minutes Exercise D Teacher ICQS: How long do you have? Exercise E Teacher sends students to break out room Exercise F Open class feedback

PRE TEACH VOCABULARY (8-8 minutes) • To cover MPFA of key vocabulary to aid completing of the tasks

Exercise F: Jamboard Slide 1: Elicit meaning of Referee, Bet, Prevent Exercise G: Jamboard Slide 2: Show meaning Exercise H: Jamboard Slide: 3 Ask students if Referee, Bet, Prevent is a noun or a verb Exercise I : Jamboard Slide 4 Show answer Exercise J Jamboard Slide 5 How many syllabus? Where is the stress? Exercise K Jamboard Slide 6 Show answers

CCQS (2-2 minutes) • To check students understand the MFPA

CCQS with the Jam board 1. Is a referee a person or an action? 2. Is bet a person or an action 3.How many syllabus does Referee have? 4.Where is the stress?

Reading for Gist to provide an initial gist (10-10 minutes) • Students obtain a general understanding of the text . (Individually)

Exercise 1A: Explain Read about the three different sports quickly (3 min and match each paragraph to a photo Exercise 1B ICQS How long do you have? 3 minutes Exercise 1C CCQS Do you have to answer any questions? No Exercise 2: Send to breakout rooms 3 minutes to discuss in pairs Exercise 3: Open class feedback 1 minute

Reading for Intensive reading (15-15 minutes) • To understand a deeper understanding of the text.

1. Exercise four: Students read detailed information individually and answer the questions 7 minutes 2 Exercise four: Students discuss with their group their answers 3 minutes: PHOTO 3. Exercise four: Teacher ICQS: How long do you have? 4. Exercise five: Provide link: Break out room 3 minutes 5. Exercise six: Open Class feedback 2 minutes

Post Follow up Task (4-4 minutes) • To allow students to speak about the text

Students speak together in the break out room about the text

Delayed Correction (3-3 minutes) • To clarify some errors made during speaking

Teacher listens to students and writes down some good points and bad points and elicits the corrections

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