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Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will learn how to pronounce foods, especially focusing on the correct stress. It will start with a talking activity when they will mingle and ask questions to each other about their eating habits. It will be followed by a vocabulary activity where they will identify various fruits and vegetables. Then, we will have a long listening and drilling session of 42 words and their stress patterns. The lesson will follow with a vocabulary activity where they will be asked to identify the contrasting words and a final speaking activity with their partners.


Abc Gap-Fill HO 2
Abc Spidergram
Abc Gap-Fill HO1

Main Aims

  • To use stress correctly when using food vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking with other students and finding out about their preferences


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • To pick their interest

I will start with a little talk about my indecision about becoming a vegetarian. After a very brief talk, I will ask if we have any vegetarians in the class. It's best if there are none, but I think we may have a vegetarian lady. Still, it doesn't matter, I can change the question to suit her as well. The question they will discuss in pairs is going to be "What would you miss the most if you became a vegetarian?" and I expect them to give three examples. Random sts will be asked to tell us about their partners.

Speaking (7-8 minutes) • To have them engage in discussion

I will first distribute the HO with speaking exercises 1-2. I plan to mix the two exercises into one. After going over the sentences to make sure they are clear, I will demo the questions for "a" and "f" and ask them to mingle and find about other sts' eating habits. We will have a few of them tell what they found out about others.

Vocabulary (7-8 minutes) • To get them think about various types of food and to practice food vocabulary while competing

The sts will form groups of 4 and have a competition. I will explain to them that they will have to fill the spidergram on the HO with the names of the food they can identify on the picture which will be projected on the WB. There will be a 2 minute time limit. there will be prize and the winners will be offered free tea or coffee after the lesson. A member of the winning group will come forward and build their spidergram on the WB and WC will be asked if they have anything to add to it.

Controlled Exercise - Pronunciation (18-20 minutes) • To use correct stress when pronouncing food related nouns

I will demo a few words to make sure they realize what stress means and what they are going to look for. We will move on to exercise 2. I will have the word list projected on the WB and ask them to name the group for each color. After identifying the groups, I will distribute the HO and we will start the listening exercise. First time, it will just be listen and repeat. I will do some choral drilling for words they struggle with. When they listen again, I will ask them to mark the stressed part of the words and check if they get it right. Drill and clarify as needed.

Controlled Exercise - Vocabulary (3-4 minutes) • To introduce food related adjectives

I will give instructions on Exercise 3 and will start with the pronunciation of "draught" and drill it. Then the sts will be asked to do the exercise and we go over the answers in class.

Speaking 2 (2-3 minutes) • Speaking to find out about other students' preferences.

They will be asked to have a small PW and ask about their partners preferences using the words from the earlier exercise.

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