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TP 2
Intermediate level


In this lesson Ss will scan a festival-related text and answer to specific questions related to the text. Ss will use the learnt vocabulary to fill a summary and to discuss about their own wedding experiences


Abc Words given by the teacher
Abc New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 4, pg. 33
Abc New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 4, pg. 32
Abc Warm up Photos

Main Aims

  • Scan a text to answer specific questions about festivals

Subsidiary Aims

  • To use festival-related vocabulary in a discussion where Ss discuss about Turkish weddings
  • To use festival-related vocabulary from the text to complete a summary


Warm up discussion on the term "Festival" (7 minutes) • To get the Ss to talk about the term "Festival" and come up with related words

I will start the lesson by showing Ss pictures about famous global festivals. I will try to get the main topic "Festival" from the Ss but if they don't get it I will elicit it. I will divide the Ss into groups of three for a discussion and after this they will come to the WB and write down the words they came up with.

Answering to festival-related questions (5 minutes) • To channel the Ss focus on festivals even more and to prepare them for the actual reading activity

Ss will answer to 6 different questions from the course book and they can choose the festival they want to write the answers about. It can be one of the festivals mentioned in the warm up or a different one that they have attended. Ss will do this activity individually but they will check the answers in pairs so that there will be STT.

Reading the text called "Las Fallas" (10 minutes) • To scan the text to answer specific questions about festivals

Ss will read the text "Las Fallas" from the course book and they don't need to know every word in the text since it's a scanning activity.

Answering the same festival-related questions but this time the Ss will come up with the answers by using the text (5 minutes) • To deepen the Ss knowledge about the text and the words related to it

Ss will answers to the questions again but this time they will work in pairs.

"Fill out the gaps" -activity (5 minutes) • To strengthen the previously learnt

Ss will do the activity 1 from the course book where they will fill the gaps with words from a list. Ss will check the correct answers in pairs.

Discussion in groups about Turkish weddings (13 minutes) • To reinforce the Ss festival-related vocabulary and to increase the STT

Ss will be divided into groups of 4 and they will discuss about a wedding they have attended. After this Ss will choose one SS to come in the front of the class to tell about the experience. We should hear at least 4 different stories about weddings.

Extra Activity: Taboo explanation game (5-8 minutes) • To approach the previously learnt in a different way

Ss will be divided into 2 groups where they will explain festival-related words to their group without saying the actual word. This activity is the game called taboo but without calculating the points. Each Ss will try to explain one word. This activity will only take place if we have time left.

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