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Copy of Jobs
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, sts will learn new vocabulary in the context of jobs, including pronouncing and stress exercises. They will then split into groups and discuss among themselves their own employment experiences.


Abc Image match (handout)

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Jobs in the context of professions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of job requirements


Warm Up (4-6 minutes) • Get students to think about jobs

Images of different professions will be passed out to each student and they will have to match up with a job title I place on the board one by one, going over pron and stress.

Lead In (5-7 minutes) • Elicit sts to write down as many job titles as they know

Sts will be given a handout with the alphabet and instructed to work in pairs to fill in a job for each letter. Example: Astronaut, Bartender, Carpenter, etc..... ICQ: How many jobs per letter? And who are you going to work with? You have 3 min to fill in as many as you can Spot check class by asking for 3-5 professions. Choose difficult letters

Vocab Match Phrase (9-12 minutes) • Engage sts to use existing vocab to learn new words

I have chosen a handful as new vocab words. See ref sheet -will have an OC discussion stating descriptions with hope that they will state the word. -drill, pron and stress on board Afterwards, give instructions on the match phrase activity, to be completed in pairs. ICQ: fold paper in half match #'s 1-6 with their defs a-f give correct answers by giving class defs to elicit new vocab Repeat with 7-12

Speaking/Sharing Preferences (5-7 minutes) • Elicit sts to discuss their preference

Have students take out their Match Phrase sheet (the one they folded) Instruct them to fold it twice so that only 1-6 is showing. Break class down into 4 groups by assigning consecutively the next four professions: mechanic, soldier, farmer and optician. REMEMBER YOUR JOB -Now, who works with animals? Ok I want my farmers over here -Who works on cars? I want my mechanics over here. -Who fights in wars? Soldiers over here. -And who works in a hospital? What part of the body do you work on? Opticians over here. I want you to choose a speaker because when we're done, he or she will share your choices. From numbers 1-6, decide which two is the most important and why. For example, for me, I want long holidays because I love going to the beach. As much as possible. ICQ: How many are you going to choose? CCQ: What is the speaker going to tell the class once we are done?

Speaking/Sharing Preferences 2 (5-7 minutes) • Have students choose least importante

Same as previous exercise only this time with 7-12 and instead of two that is the most important have them choose the two least important. For example: I like working 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening. Everyday and never change. So I don't need a job with????? Good Now discuss what your group thinks is the least important and have the speaker share with us and why. ICQ: Are you going to pick your most important? What are you going to pick? Good, get started

Charades (5-10 minutes) • Elicit sts to guess professions acted out by their team

Split class into two teams. Boys vs Girls (I'll join boys) Ask if class knows what Charades is. For example, guess Cook (act out cook) So we will have a competiton. Actors versus the directors Let's go over the rules: -only one team at a time -no yelling -the person in front cannot speak or move their mouth -you have 30 seconds for your team to guess or the other team gets one guess Team with the most points at the end of class wins!

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