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A1 level


Abc Handouts

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Articles in the context of Life in Mexico City

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide
  • To provide detailed


Speaking (6 minutes) • Lead in

First I am going to ask the students to answer some questions about themselves as a lead in,these questions are like the ones that they should answer about the boy in their text, they are:1)Where do you live? 2)What’s your job 3)What do you do at the weekend After this stage I am going to tell them you are going to read about a man living somewhere else answering these questions,then I’m going to show them the pictures of Mexico City which are in the Cutting Edge book and tell them do you have any idea where does he live?

Text (7 minutes) • Reading for specific details

After the showing pictures and asking about them I am going to tell them these pictures are about Mexico City do you know anything about it? After their answers I will tell them now you have 5 minutes to read the text and answer the questions about The man in the text. Then when their time is over I will tell them read their answers aloud.

Grammar (15 minutes) • Learning articles

I am going to write a/an and the on the board and tell them these are articles now I will give you another 5 minutes so you should go back and find the articles in the text and underline them,after they do this I am going to ask them do you know when do we use a when an when the and when we don’t use any article? After the eliciting I will give them the handouts about the articles and I will give. Them 5 minutes to complete it, then I will ask them to do a pair check.

Activity (5 minutes) • Practice

I am going to tell them now I will give you these handouts and you will have 3 minutes to do them,after the finish I will ask them to check them in pairs.

Second activity (12 minutes) • Practice

I am going to give them 8 minutes so they can disscuss the questions in pairs and after that I am going to ask each one of them to answer 2 questions about his/her partner for the class.

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