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Teaching Practice 2
A2 - Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn how to listen for gist and specific information within the context of New Year celebrations. First, they will look at some pictures and answer some questions, which will set the context and introduce the vocabulary. Then, they will listen, for gist, to two audio recordings. After each one, we'll stop and they will be asked a simple question. Next, they will be handed the task of circling the correct words from the conversation while they listen again. This will be linked to adverbs of frequency during WCFB. After an interactive language focus segment, sts will practice the use of these adverbs with a new task. If there's enough time left, sts will ask each other how they celebrate New Years.


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Main Aims

  • To provide sts practice in gist and specific information listening in the context of New Year's celebrations.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review and practice adverbs of frequency.


Lead in (3-4 minutes) • To set the context

Write December 31st on the WB and ask what we celebrate on that date. Ask if they like New Year's eve. Why and why not? Show some pictures, elicit words. Put those words on the WB.

Listening skills: Gist listening (8-10 minutes) • Give students practice in listening for gist

Set the task. Play the CD and let sts listen and try to answer the question about Min. Set the task. Play the CD and let sts listen and try to answer the question about Paul. Peer check, then WC check.

Listening for specific information (12-13 minutes) • Give students practice in listening for specific info

Set the task, play the CD and sts listen and circle the correct word(s). Listen once, peer check; (if necessary, listen again, peer check and get WCFB.

Vocabulary: Adverbs of Frequency (8-10 minutes) • Drill on meaning, form, and pronunciation

- A line with percentages is quickly drawn on the board. - Take a sentence from the previous segment (Min said: "I usually go to my parents' house") ask students about the word usually, stick the word on the WB. - Elicit from sts the other frequency adverbs and position them on the chart, asking students where they think each adverb should go. - Explain where to put the adverb of frequency in a sentence. - Check sts understand the form by calling on them randomly to form a sentence with each adverb.

Practice (7-8 minutes) • To get sts to use these adverbs

Set the task. Get students to write at least 5 sentences. Peer check, then WCFB. Ask sts now to ask each other how they celebrate New Year's. FB.

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