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In this lesson, students will practice listening skill (listening for gist and detail). The lesson starts with lead-in and teacher asks theme some questions to make them interested in the topic. St will learn new vocabulary and teacher give them some pictures to match with the words. Then, ss listen to audio to match the pictures with the conversations. Then, they listen to the same recording for specific detail. They will also listen to another audio to find the detail At the end, there is a speaking activity in which they try to describe the topic.


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Main Aims

  • To practice listening skill- first listening for gist and then listening for specific detail (intensive listening) in the context of shopping.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To pactice new vocabulary and speak about the pictures in the context of shopping


Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To create interest in the topic and draw students' attention on the topic of shopping

There will be four pictures of different kinds of shops on the board. I will ask them: What do you buy from supermarket? What do you buy from electronics shop? What do you buy from gift shop? What do you buy from music shop? I will ask how often you go to the supermarket/ electronic shop/ gift shop/ music shop?

Warmer (9-10 minutes) • Pre-teaching vocabulary: prepare students for the listening part

-Students will be divided in groups of 3-4. They are given some words and pictures and ask them to match the pictures to the words. One extra word is given to them. -Then, teacher will write the new words on the board.When they finish their matching, teacher will elicit the vocabulary words by showing the pictures and identify the stress and part of speech. New words are shown by the pictures and they will understand the meaning.They might have problems with the word "souvenirs" and teacher asks CCQ to ensure they have understood the words. - First choral drill. Then, i nominate a students to repeat the word.

Controlled-speaking practice (5-6 minutes) • to enable students to practice the new words

Divide students in to pairs and they discuss with each other which items can be bought in the four shops photographed in the book. Teacher monitors and records the errors for error correction. ICQ are asked: Are you going to work in pairs or alone? Are you going to match the words in the box with the shops? They are give answer sheet to check their answers.

Listening for gist (3-4 minutes) • To help students get ready for the next stage (listening for details)

Students are asked to listen to the recording and match each conversation to the picture. There are three conversations and four pictures. So, there is one picture extra. They have not to focus on details. They will check their answers in pairs.

Listening for detail (4-5 minutes) • Students have to listen to find the specific information.

Teacher will change the pairs.They will listen to the same recording. They are told they have to listen to find specific information. First, they are asked to listen to each question and answer the question. Then, they will check their answers with their peers. Teacher will pause after each conversation. If they had problems in understanding it will be played again. They have to do this task first individually. Then they will check their answers with their partner and answersheet is given to them.

Listen for detail (1-2 minutes) • To find the specific information

First, they are asked to read the question and then, they will listen to the audio to find the answer. Then they will check the answer in pairs. Teacher elicit the answer.

Post-reading activity (speaking) (9-10 minutes) • To get the students practice speaking on the subject

First teacher shows the picture of electronic shops to the students and tell them that there are lots of electronic shops in my country. They sells CDs, DVDs, radio and batteries of the picture. Focus learners attention on part 2. Ask them to describe these pictures and u can use these sentences. They will have 10 min to talk about these pictures. Ask ICQ: How many min. do you have time ? Are you going to use the sentences in the box? Teacher monitors students when they are speaking and write down their errors. At the end, she writes the errors on the board and ask them to correct the sentences. To get feedback, nominate students to talk about each picture (4 students describe 4 pictures)

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