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Grammar lesson
B2 level


In this lesson, students learn present perfect, past perfect and future perfect.Ss are asked to listen and complete the notes provided on a HO.


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Abc Gap-fill handouts,
Abc multiple choice handout
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Main Aims

  • Grammar

Subsidiary Aims

  • review of past participle form


lead in (4-5 minutes) • to generate interest in listening

teacher sticks 3 pictures on the board and asks these questions about First picture : - can you guess what her job is ? - how long has she been a teacher? second picture: - can you guess why she is happy? - how many times had she taken driving tests before she passed. third picture : - what is he doing ? whatching a film or cartoon? - does he enjoy watching films?

Listening task (7 minutes) • to contextualise and introduce the target language

- Ss listen( once or twice) and complete the notes provided on a HO about Elsie, Git and James. - pair check - whole class FB

highlighting target language (4 minutes) • to highlight the target language so that the learners focus on it

Ss complete 3 sentences provided on a HO. Pair check whole class check teacher writes the answers on the board

clarifying the target language (15 minutes) • clarifying meaning so learners understanding it , clarifying the pronnunciation so learners know how to say it ,clarifying form so that Ss know how to constract it

T asks these questions about marker sentences written on the board. 1. She has been a teacher for more than 75 years. - Is she a teacher now? - when did she become a teacher? T asks these questions and writes the answers on the board. - Is it present ? - what tense is it? - how do we make present perfect? T elicits the stress of the sentence and drill it. 2. she felt really happy because she had finally passed her driving test. - T underline the 2 verbs. - how many actions are there* - Are they both past? - which action happened first? - what tense is it? - which action happened second? - what tense is it? - how do you make past perfect? T elicits the stress of the sentence and drill it. 3. By the time he is 40, James will have seen 20000 films. - will he see his 20000 films before or after he's forty? - what tense is it? - how do you make future perfect?

game (5 minutes) • checking Ss' abilities with forming the past participle

-T have Ss to stand in 2 or 3 lines. - Teacher says a verb and 1 person from each group tries to find and take past participle of the verb stuck on the board or wall.

language practice (9 minutes) • to provide controlled oral/written practice focued on using the language accurately

T gives students a gap fill handout to complete in groups. T asks ech group to answer 1 gap

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