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Teaching Plan 1b
A2 Pre-Intermediate level


This lesson focuses on helping students develop and practice question forms in order to ask information about friends and family and other members of the community, with a specific focus on HOW and WHAT questions.


Abc Grammar: How and What Questions
Abc 1C: Neighbours Handout Questions

Main Aims

  • To clarify and practice questions forms to ask for information about friends and family.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening for detailed comprehension practice on the topic of old friends.


Lead In and Engage Stage (5 minutes) • To create interest in the topic, to engage students and background knowledge.

Introduce myself to the class and check that I know the Sts' names. Introduce the definition of neighbor and explain its meaning, part of speech, and elicit model sentences using the word from sts'. Explain the "Good neighbor or bad neighbor" activity to students and review the useful language with them. Explain to students what they are NOT to do, such as use both good/bad or would/wouldn't- students are to choose one or the other in their response. To ensure comprehension, ask students to repeat the instructions. Put students in small groups of three and show the photographs one by one. Have students write down their answers for each photograph and then ask them to tell the class what answer they chose for each photo.

Study Grammar: Form and function of How and What (10 minutes) • Enable students to understand the form, function, and common uses of how and what questions.

Give handout to students. Review the form, function and example questions by writing them on the whiteboard and having students read them aloud. Have students work in pairs and elicit full sentence answers from students re: questions that common words after how (ie. how long, how big, how small, how rich, how strong, how good, how bad, how expensive?), as well as for various what kind of/what type questions.

Study and Active Grammar: Practicing How and What Questions (30 minutes) • To model the question formation structure for students to internalize; to practice using how and what questions in an ask and answer format.

Give students the handout. For the first question, explain to students that they will be completing the questions for the answers. Do a model question with them first and complete the first question with them as a whole class. Then put students in pairs and have them complete the remaining questions. Monitor and correct as students write and take note of errors for post-completion review as a whole class. For the second question, have students switch pairs and ask and answer the questions in exercise 1. Monitor and listen to students' answers and provide feedback where needed. For the third question, students are to switch partners again. They are to pretend that they have new neighbors and want to know more about them. They are to write four questions that they would like to ask. They are to use the prompts to help them. Post-activity, do a role play and have one student ask the other the questions, and the other is to act as the neighbor and give a silly answer. For the fourth question, students should present their role plays to the class in pairs. AT THE END OF THE ACTIVITY, provide students with the answer key so that they can check their answers.

Extra Time • Further review of how and what questions.
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