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Unit 5/ Writing
9th Grade level


In this lesson, students will learn how to write a short paragraph about their dream house, in the process they will learn about the different types of houses people do live in and also the places in which they may be situated moreover, they will work on their reading for details subskill through reading the paragraph and looking for specific items.


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Main Aims

  • Students will be able to write a small paragraph about their dream house

Subsidiary Aims

  • enhance the detailed reading sub-skill
  • Introduce students to new vocabulary


Pre-reading (4-6 minutes) • Students make predictions about the text

- The teacher will show students pictures of a (house, apartment, flat, farmhouse) and try to elicit the language if possible, and if not the teacher will give it away and drill with the students. - Students answer the questions in exercise 1, page 47 S-B

While-reading (13-16 minutes) • explore the text and answer questions concerning it

- The teacher will pre-teach some blocking vocabulary(stairs, lift) - Students will be asked to read the text silently for 2 minutes - The teacher will read the text aloud to model pronunciation and clarify items which may prove difficult for students. - The teacher will give the chance to some students to read the text. - Students will be asked to read the text again and answer the follow-up questions in exercise number 2.

Post-reading and pre-writing (12-15 minutes) • Help students accumulate ideas and get them ready to write to write

- The teacher will rely on the questions in exercise 3 to help students accumulate some ideas which will help them in the while-writing stage: - where is your dream house: downtown, in a foreign country, in the countryside, near the beach....... - How many rooms are there in your dream house: 2,3,5 - What are they: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom........ - Why do you like your dream house: I like my dream house, because.......... - The teacher may present some adjective to help them: big, small, cozy, comfortable, beautiful......

While-writing (10-12 minutes) • Students write their first draft

- Students make their first attempt to write the paragraph. - The teacher will monitor and help students. - after giving the students 10 minutes to write the first draft, the teacher will write a model paragraph for the students to copy down on their notebooks and also to compare to the one they have written.

Post-Writing • Write the final draft

- Students will be asked to back at home use their first draft and model paragraph provided to write their final draft.

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