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TP3 E.D. Using Collocations in the context of Daily Routine and revision of body parts


Abc A pair of scissors
Abc Blu tac
Abc Board and board marker
Abc CD player
Abc Computer
Abc Glossy paper
Abc Song's Lyrics Poster
Abc Cardboard boxes in several size
Abc glue
Abc post it papers
Abc Handmade dice
Abc power point - body dice game
Abc Children safe scissors
Abc power point - preteaching vocab
Abc power point - song lyrics
Abc a poster/power point of body part vocab
Abc 2 files of pre-cut shapes

Main Aims

  • To provide speaking practice of collocations in the context of daily routine. "This is the way we wash our hands/face etc."

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide revision of recently learnt vocabulary - "Body Parts"


Warmer/Lead-in - A paper doll chain (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

A short show by cutting a paper doll chain to set the contex and to elicit the words "body- body parts" __________________ Greet the students and say, "Today we are going to learn a song and repeat body parts" Now look at me and sing with me... "Head, shoulders, knees and toes..." Ask them to sing with you while you ara cutting the paper doll chain to prevent boredom and for starting the lesson in a cheerful atmosphere but also to provide some practise of the previous lesson as well as you prepare them for the context. In that way it will be easier for them to guess the theme "Body parts". While you are singing cut the paper doll chain and show it to ss smiling. Glue it on the board. Ask, "What are these?" by showing head, body etc. Elicit if they cannot say it by showing body parts on your paper doll chain."Body parts! Head, arms, legs etc are body parts!" Continue with the next stage "Robot competition"

Assesment - Contorolled Practice (6-8 minutes) • To provide assesment and revision of a previous learnt language -body parts

Experiential Learning and assesment of body parts A hands on activity - Make your own model and label it. This is an activity appealing to several intellegences; visual-spatial, bodily kinaesthetic, interpersonal and verbal-linguistic. In this activity I want to asses ss and see where they are with the language “body parts” but also to give them the opportunity to experiment the language they know although it is limited to word level. My purpose was to tell them to make a robot but I wanted them to feel free and experiment as a team and have the honour and the satisfaction of having created their own model. However, this does’not mean I will not help them when they need help. Since their language is not enough they will talk in Turkish while they are making their model. This is not important as this part is only the preparation part of the activity. Since the game has stages I will stage my instructions too. _________________________________ Pocedure put the slide/the poster with body parts on the board as a reminder aid. Bring the 2 sacks of materials in the middle of the class And say, “We are going to play a game.” It’s a competition. But you speak only English. Ok? Divide students into two teams. "Heads" and “Shoulders" Say, “You are going to make a model. This can be a man, a girl, a robot, a germ or a monster but it must have all body parts.” Pocedure Bring the 2 sacks of materials in the middle of the class And say, “We are going to play a game.” It’s a competition. But you speak only English. Ok? Divide students into two teams. "Heads" and “Shoulders" Say, “You are going to make a model. This can be a man, a girl, a robot, a germ or a monster but it must have all body parts.” You can use blu tac /glue. (show blu tac) “You will have only 2 minutes to make your model. You can draw. You can glue shapes. But you should have all body parts. (Show your body parts).” Put the online countdown timer and show it to ss. Use your fingers and say again. Give the ss all cardboard, all pre-cut shapes, Blu tac /glue and children safe scissors to create whatever they want. Put the timer on. http://www.online-stopwatch.com/countdown-timer/ After they made their models praise and give them the labels; the strips with the body parts on it. Demonstrate. Tell them, "You will have 2 minutes again. You can use blu tac or glue." Put the timer on. http://www.online-stopwatch.com/countdown-timer/ After the labeling activity finishes show the slide/put the poster with body parts on the board. Write the name s of the teams . Read each word and say show me your “head/teeth” your head and your model’s head. Check it with the ss put a tick to the group with the correct answer.

Controlled Practice (3-4 minutes) • to revise body parts

Vocabulary recycling game by using a silver ball. A good activity which uses all learning styles -VAK – but especially for kinaesthetic learners who have little opportunities to move during lessons. ____________________ Elicit vocabulary by showing your body parts. Put a poster of body parts on the board to provide them with the written form of the language but also to use it as a reminder; to get help form it during activity. Tell them you are going to play a game. Show them the silver ball and say, “You throw the ball and say a word/body part” while pointing at he poster in the board. Demonstrate it first by using all corners in the class as your Tutor mentioned. They will most probably be confused for that reason use the sentence “Tell me a body part” and show the poster. Help them until they understand it. ___________resmi plan bölümüne ekle word ortamında ... ppp de bulacaksın Call Selin, İlker, Baran for demo. All stand in circle and Use the ball and thow it to Selin. Say, “head” and continue. After a few words invite the rest of the class to join the circle. Tell them they can get help from the poster Finish the activity by praising them.

Exposure (10-15 minutes) • to present the target language of collocations

Teaching the song “This is the way we wash our hands” Pre-teach Vocabulary. Use power point /poster 1. Germs 2. Keep the germs away 3. Wash your hands 4. Brush your teeth 5. Have a shower 6. Wash your hair 7. Brush your hair 8. This is the way ___ Teach it while you concept check by acting in a funny way i.e. brush your hair and say, “Is this the way we brush our teeth?’ Ss will probably say, “No” and they will try to show the right way. You approve and show the right way and say a few times, “Yes, This is the way, this is the way. This is the way we wash our teeth!” Use power point /poster A-Show pictures and elicit Give feedback by showing them the answers thus providing ss with their written forms too B – Concept check by asking them to do the following actions in that way they will have fun but you will also provide them with other examples of collocations. Four birds with one stone: Concept checking, other examples and real use of the language they learn, and fun. :) Ask them to do :) If you have enough time ask ss to ask each other. 1. Brush your hair 2. Wash your toes 3. Have a shower 4. Keep the germs away 5. Brush your legs 6. Wash your hair – ask students help them if they need whisper the following imperatives 7. Brush your ears 8. Wash your nose 9. Wash your hair 10. Brush your fingers Teach collocations song This is the way we wash our hands. 1. Put power point on and ask for a chorus reading accompanying them just to check what happens. 2. Read it to give a model. 3. Use back chaining technique for drilling pronunciation. 4. Sing the song yourself by showing the slide and the way to replace the new collocations. 5. Finally play the song. ( Time: 1’ 14’’) 6. Ask them to sing it together. 7. Invite them to stand up and act the song 8. Play the song twice (or three times if it necessary).

Controlled Practice (5-6 minutes) • to use and consolidate body parts but also to finilize lesson with some fun

If there is enough time about 5-6 minutes A spare activity! Body dice game Show the power point; the page from the book and explain the game Show next page on slide (with the torsos and rules) and your huge dice. Demonstrate the game. The second time you demonstrate manage to have the number six on the die. Show on the power point and say, ‘This your “jokey” you choose whatever you want.’ Divide them into two and ask them to choose their team name. Write it on the board. Each time a different student should throws the die and draws the body part on their torso. Help both teams to win and have fun. Praise them. Show the huge star which say well done (on your power point slide).

Controlled Practice (2-3 minutes) • to use and consolidate body parts but also to finilize lesson with some fun

If there are 2-3 minutes left A competition of labelling their friends body with post it papers Ask them to name themselves. It should be a body part Give them instructions and demostrate on a student. Ask one to label you. If you have time. Tell them they have 1 minute. Give each group a pack of post it paper in different colours. Time them with your on line timer. Count the correct labels of each group and applause both groups for the good job

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