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Teaching Plan 2
Pre-Intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of connecting words in the context of storytelling

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide process writing practice of a past verb forms and connectors in the context of storytelling


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To be introduced to and make sentences using connecting words

T puts simple sentences on the board, elicits possible relationship from sts. "The King killed his wife." // "He found her with another man." T elicits/provides connecting word: "because" Sts work in pairs to match-up remaining phrases to connecting words. T elicits correct answers from Sts and puts phrases in proper placement on WB. In pairs, students create a few more (2/3) sentences using connecting words. T calls multiple students to the board at a time to write examples for spot checking.

Connector Word Rules (2-3 minutes) • to understand the rules for when to use each connector word

T elicits when each connector word is used. T 'chests' HO indicating that the sentences we've already done are at the top and the rules are at the bottom. "Choose one connector word for each blank in PAIRS" Indicates pairs. Gives HO Sts complete activity in pairs. (1min) T recaps rules to ensure clarity and does FEEDBACK (error-corrective or CCQ)

Word Selection Activity (2-4 minutes) • to practice deciding when we use which connector words

T demonstrates with example question on WB, elicits answer from sts: "I am very healthy until/BECAUSE I go to the gym everyday." T 'chests' HO to show sts that it is the same thing, then hands out HO2. Sts work in PAIRS (2min) T checks answers by asking for volunteers to read the sentences.

Nasrettin Story (3-5 minutes) • Use connecting words to understand a story from given prompts

T shows Nasrettin pic to class, elicits who he is and a few things about him. (ie. who is he? why is he famous? what does he do? etc.) T reveals pics one by one and writes accompanying sentences underneath, eliciting sentences and connecting words for every few sentences before revealing next picture.

Small Group Writing (7-9 minutes) • To write a story from picture prompts using connecting words (and past simple tense)

T hands out paper to write on In small groups (3/4 sts), Sts choose from the pics on WB to create a story outline. The outline should include: characters, when and where the story happens, how the story starts, the main events, what happened at the end. (2min) After brainstorming, sts work in PAIRS to write their stories. (5min) REMIND: use connecting words!

Sharing Stories Speaking (8-10 minutes) • to share their stories by reading.

Having written stories, sts will put students on wall and rotate around room reading other groups stories. T prompts when to rotate, 2 min per group. (6-8 min). T elicits from sts which story they liked/what they liked about it.

Feedback (1-2 minutes) • to correct common errors from throughout the activity

T uses error-corrective feedback to fix small grammar or pronunciation mistakes of sts.

Voting (TIME ALLOWING) (1-3 minutes) • To speak about "why?" using connecting words "so" and "because"

If time remains at the end of the lesson, have sts talk in pairs to decided which story was their favorite. (30sec) 1 vote per pair. T elicits reasons why they chose that story from sts. Sts answer using connecting word sentences. (Ie. "I liked it because it had a funny ending" or "It was very interesting so it was my favorite").

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