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Upper intermediate B2 level


Abc 5th Edition Headway Upper Intermediate

Main Aims

  • To practice of relative clauses and relative pronouns and produce them in the context of Sports, more specifically a story of an immigrant from Ghana and how he succeeded in Skeleton racing

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information from listening and also using a part and present participles. Answering questions and providing details about the life of Akwasi Frimpong in the context of his life in the Netherlands and from Ghana and this enthusiasm for skeleton


Relative warm pronouns warm up game (3-5 minutes) • Introduce the target language - relative pronouns, and have them see practice filling in gaps.

Students will play the game on and will pair off in two teams. Each team will guess the word to fill in the blank with the correct relative pronoun to engage them in the topic. They will cover words like who, which, when, where, whose, and that.

Language Focus - Relative clauses (8-10 minutes) • To identify examples of relative clauses in sentences a-d

1 - Ss will read the example sentence of a relative clause and the find the relative clauses in sentences a - d. T will present the difference between defining and non-defining relative clauses in these sentences. 2 - T will have a S read the sentences aloud and Ss will listen. S will explain how the use of common will affect the pronunciation of the sentence. 3- Ss will answer which sentence can a relative PRONOUN (not relative clause) is not needed. T will then put Ss in breakout rooms to discuss this question in pairs and then answers. 4. T will ask the Ss if this relative pronoun can be omitted in each sentence and elicit the student to explain why. 5. T will concept check by asking Ss to produce sentences with relative clauses in the context of school (ex, I have an English teacher who is from America)

Test Your Grammar (5-10 minutes) • Practice relative pronouns and will in the gaps with the correct relative pronouns

1. Ss will be shown 8 sentences will gaps. T will put the Ss in breakout rooms and then each student from each group to fill in a gap. 2. T will ask Ss which relative pronoun can be replaced with the relative clause 'that' - T will then concept check their understanding by asking Ss to produce their own example sentence using the relative pronoun 'that' 3. T will present past and present participles and elitic yes or no answers of what words are past or present participle (ex, is burnt a past participle? Is swimming a present participle? etc) -T will ask students to produce sentences with past and present participles

Skeleton Superhero, reading and listening (10-12 minutes) • Skimming the text and discussing the gist of the reading, followed with scanning for details and then listening to fill in the gaps

1. Ss will be shown the cover photos from the text. Ss will quickly share what they see in the picture and it is a sport they would like to do. 2. Ss will skim the text and give a general idea of the Akwasi Frimpong and will be sent to breakout rooms to discuss what impression they have of him an will then share with the T and other Ss. T will elicit answers from the students by asking does this adjectiev describe him. Ss will answer yes or no . 3. T wil ask Ss to read the text again and to fill in the blanks with the correct line. T will elicit answers and have the student explain why it is not the case. T will then use the listening audio share and have the students listen and check the answers in each section.

Answer the questions (8-10 minutes) • Listening - Replaying the audio and have Ss answer the questions

Ss will listen to the audio one more time non-interruped. Ss will then go to breakout rooms to discuss the answers to each question and will return to main room give their answers with explanation. T will elicit the meanign of unfamiliar words such as 'improbable'

Describing Akwasi using adjectives (4-8 minutes) • Ss will discuss and what adjectives describe Akwasi and provide explanations

Ss will be shown a list of adjectives on the final slides and will be asked to discuss which ones best describe Akwasi in the breakout rooms. In the mainroom T will elicit a response for each adjective and have the student share if they think whether this adjective is fitting and why.

Summarizing (3-5 minutes) • Ss will summarize the text and will be encoured to use produce relative clauses with the time remaining

Ss will be asked to summarize the texts and sequences of Akwasi's life in as much detail as they can and be encouraged to produce relative clauses while summarizing

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