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Lexis Demo 1
junior level


Demonstration of a full teaching of lexis based on ESL and MECDIBLE.


Abc Family and Friends 3
Abc Papers and doors

Main Aims

  • To learn some new words about vehicles and use them.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Teaching vocabulary and activating the students.


Engagement (3-4 minutes) • To get the students ready for learning new words and make their mind ready.

-Teacher asks about Game GTA and then lead in the students. -Teacher writes a question and play the video. Q: which mission have you done?(4min) ICQs : Are you going to just watch the movie? No.

Study (6-8 minutes) • To learn new words.

-Teacher use MECDIBLE to teach 3,4 words(Bus, taxi, plane, motorcycle). (6 min) -Teacher use video and transfer meaning and elicit then CCQ. -Teacher Drill the word then board it after that label it then get e.g. - CCQs: can we fly with bus?No. Is it possible to drive a plane in street?No. Can we find taxi first of Mehdie? Yes

Activation (6-8 minutes) • To get the students use the learned language and vocab.

-CP:Teacher gets papers to students and They should count How many vehicles they see in pictures. (3min) ICQs : Are you going to answer them alon? Yes. Are you going to write the numbers or the name of the vehicles? Number. Semi: Teacher ask students to turn their papers back and write 3 sentences about where the vehicles are. ICQs :How many sentences are you going to write? 3. Are you going to write about the places of the vehicles? Yes. Freer : Teacher show the picture and ask the students say about their travel and How they will go from each city. ICQs : Are you going to start from Tehran? No. Are you going to say with what vehicles you will go? Yes.

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