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Teaching Practice 6
Elementary level


This lesson' People who changed the world' is the 2nd lesson in a series of lessons on the topic of ' Good Times and Bad Times'. In this lesson Ss learn facts about Nelson Mandela's life. The lesson starts with a discussion about a picture of Mandela. This is followed by presentation, controlled practice and free practice activites to improve students' reading skill, grammar and vocabulary.


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Main Aims

  • To improve Ss' reading skill through gist, scan and detailed reading practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide them with an opportunity to improve grammar and vocabulary


Lead in/ Warmer (5-6 minutes) • Engaging the Ss in reading and understanding vocabulary

T shows picture of Nelson Mandela to Ss and asks them who he is. He shows couple of other pictures to create Ss interest in Mandela's life.

Presentation (6-7 minutes) • Engaging the Ss in reading a text about Nelson Mandela for gist

T asks students to go through the text and find out what's it about. He gives them the handouts. Ss read it for gist and then give feedback to each other about the text and its topic.

language focus (8-10 minutes) • To improve their understanding for useful vocabulary

T asks Ss to read the text again and underline the words: prison, president, freedom, divorce, married etc. He gives them definitions of these words to them and asks them match the words with definitions. He may ask them to match the pictures with words. Ss works in small groups and exchange their answers.

Detailed reading (10-15 minutes) • To engage Ss in scanning

Ss work individually and in pairs. T instructs them to read text and after that put the different event's in Mandela's life in order. He gives them handouts. Ss work in small groups and after they finish teacher takes FB. While they do this activity teacher monitors them.

Post reading (5-6 minutes) • To improve their comprehension

Ss work in groups. T asks them to read the statements and put a check if a statement is true and put a cross if it is false. Teachers gives them hand outs. They give feedback to each other.

Grammar focus (5-7 minutes) • To improve their understanding for regular and irregular verbs

Ss work in pairs. T asks them to read sentences and underline verbs. He gives them handouts. Ss do this activity and teacher monitors them, Later Ss give FB. They also fill the gaps in the phrases with verbs.

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