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TP:2 Past Continous Tense
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, SS will be practicing the past continous tense and also understanding the difference between Past Simple and Continous. The lesson will start with a video song using the tenses with lyrics, which will give the SS a chance to see what the lesson will be based on. The teacher will then start talking to the SS, but using the past continuos tense and asking them to explain what they were doing too using the tense, and get SS telling eachother and the class. Students will be engaged in some PW and GW activities, and will be given HOs aimed at the topic. There will also be some acting out tasks, a filling the gap task.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification on specific vocabulary
  • To provide clarification and practice of past continous tense and past simple tense

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and clarification on specific vocabulary used in the texts


Lead in (5-6 minutes) • To prepare what the SS are going to be practicing.

T will start the class off by having a song being played whilst everyone is walking in, it will be a lyric video song with the words which contain the present continous being highlighted. This might catch the SS attention, and they should get a slight understanding of the topic if they pay attention. Then T will casually speak sentences using the present continous form and ask SS to tell her what they did yesterday or were doing last night. Instruct SS to talk to their partners and tell eachother what they did last night. This is to see if they are using the Past simple tense correctly and to get them practicing on the tense as it will be useful for the past continous tense. They then should tell the class about what their partner did last night.

preparation and observation (4-5 minutes) • To prepare the SS for the tense and to obsverse whether the SS are familiar with the tense

Get the SS to do GW. Hand out a different time (clock) for each table. They wll have to talk to eachother about what they were doing last saturday.(using the past simple tense) Then they will move on to telling the class about their event and a group friends event.

Acting (7-10 minutes) • To provide understanding of the concept

2 Ss at a time will get up and both perform different actions. While they've shown their examples they will take a seat The T will ask the Ss to discuss it and create a sentence 2 students who get it correct will then do the same exercise

Reading (6-8 minutes) • To get the Ss ready for the rest of the task

Will give Ss the main HO and ask them to read the text. Then they will be answered questions about the basic intention of the text and get an overall idea about what and who it is about. Will ask them to discuss it with their group or in pairs

Sentence reformulation (7-8 minutes) • To see if Ss have got a clearer idea and lead them to the next stage

Will hand out some words so they can put in order in groups Check other groups answers Review and clarify

Feedback and controlled practice (8-9 minutes) • To get a clear idea on how they've adapted the lesson

Give Ss a fill in the gaps worksheet which they'll do working in groups Go through answers and correct any mistakes

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