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Teaching Practice 1
Intermediate level


In this lesson Ss will practice in speaking for fluency in the context of describing, recommending and evaluating films or books. Ss will also practice their listening skills for the gist and detail. They will provide review/clarification and practice functional phrases to describe books/films, and to provide freer practice in lexical phrases for evaluating and recommending.


Abc Ss Bk, U1.3 - Listening and Vocabulary Handout

Main Aims

  • give students the opportunity to practice their fluency in the context of describing books and films

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of To provide practice of functional phrases, lexical phrases in the context of B


Stage 1 (lead in) (8-10 minutes) • To get the Ss interested in the topic.

-To start the lesson off, I will ask the Ss if they watch TV, films, and read books. I will then ask them what are their favourite films and books are. - Using the WB show Ss the 3 images from the book. Get Ss into pairs/small groups to discuss the question in ex 1a. I will take some general FB of what the Ss discussed.

Stage 2 ( Listen and put sentences in order) (10 minutes) • To provide a controlled listening practice for gist

- Tell Ss they must read the questions in 1b before we listen to the audio. -Listen to the audio play track 1.5. Play the track 2 times. - Tell Ss to check their answers together before we do a w/c FB - Ss can then discuss the questions in ex2 in their pairs/groups. - T asks Ss about their answers for ex2.

Stage 3 (Match vocab & Listening) (5-7 minutes) • To provide new vocabulary that can be applied in the context of talking about books and films

- Ss .work in pairs or small groups for 3a to see what they remembered in order to complete the sentences. T clarifies what "based on" means and explains they will listen more than once. - Ss listen again and check their answers. - T gives out the answers from answer key. - Ss come to the board for section 3b to catagorise the sentences.

Stage 4 (speaking) (16 minutes) • Getting the Ss prepared for a speaking task, but writing down their own ideas first

- Task 4. T reads out the Q to the class, then asks the Ss to write down some of their ideas related to the Q. Monitor and help if necessary. - Put Ss into groups of 3/4 to discuss their ideas from 4. Intervene if they need help. - Take some general FB of what they've talked about. - In their groups Ss can discuss a list of recommended books that they like, then they can present their list to the rest of the class

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