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Intermediate level


In this lesson Ss will learn 1st Conditional. T shows a picture of someone who looks miserable. Then T ask some questions about the picture to lead Ss to the lesson. This is followed by pair, group work,and speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of first conditional in the context of making decision

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency speaking practice using first conditional.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To attract students interest.

T shows a photo of someone who looks miserable. Then T asks a question about this person eg. "Is he happy or unhappy?", Next, Ss answer the question. After a few suggestions, T tells that he is unhappy because he thinks he is going to lose his job.

Presentation- MFP (8-9 minutes) • To focus the students attention on target language and to make the form meaningful

T continues to asks some questions about a picture that T showed during warm up/lead in, eg. "What is he thinking about?", T shows extra pictures if needed to help Ss. Then, Ss answer these questions, T elicits if clause structure and writes form on the board, eg. If he loses his job, he`ll sell his house. Then, asks CCQs, eg. "Will he sell his house?" (Maybe), Will he definitely sell his house? (No), Is he thinking about present or future?.Next, T fallows up with further links in the story,(eg. If he sells his house, he will rent an apartment. If he sells his car, he will buy a bicycle. T focuses the Ss attention on meaning, (first conditional is used to talk about things that are normal, possible and quite likely happen.), T gets them to drill pronunciation.

Controlled practice (5-6 minutes) • To help Ss to identify First Conditional Clause

T divides the Ss into groups. T shows some pictures and put these pictures on the board. Then, T shows Ss HOs that include 1st conditional clause and asks them to read the information on these HOs, Then, asks Ss to put the phrases under the correct pictures on the board. T asks ICQs - Are you going to read information with 1st conditional clause?. Where are you going to put these picture? Ss reads the information and one S in each group put the phrases under the correct pictures. After that, T asks the groups if they agree with other groups . WC FEEDBACK

Semi controlled practice (7-8 minutes) • To practice for First Conditional Clause

T divides the Ss into groups and shows them HOs. Then T tells them there are phrases that includes first conditional and future tense. Next, T asks Ss to read the phrases with their partners and match the 1st conditional phrases with the future tense phrases. Are you going to do alon or as a group? Ss read and match the phrases with their partners.T monitors Ss for delayed correction Then, T regroup the partners again and ask them to check their answers with their new partners. T gives answer key to each group and write few wrong sentences that Ss matched incorrectly while doing the activity. T elicits correct answers.

Freer Practice (6-7 minutes) • To practice First conditional

T divides Ss into pairs and shows them HO. Then T asks Ss to read the Information and complete the sentences with 1st conditional clauses that are true for them. T asks ICQs- Ss read and complete the Ex with their partner. T monitors and takes notes for delayed correction. Then, T asks Ss to write the sentences on the board. T elicits for mistakes. WC FEEDBACK.

Speaking (7-8 minutes) • To get students to prictise speaking with 1st conditional

T divides Ss into groups and asks them to talk about their plans or things that are possible in their future using 1st conditional sentences. T gives an example and Ss start to talk about future using 1st conditional sentences. T monitors for delayed correction.

Error Correction (2-3 minutes) • To correct students` error during the speaking activity.

T monitors Ss without interference and take some notes .At the end of the task teacher will write some errors on the WB as true or false exercise and ask students to answer it.

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