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Compound nouns (everyday objects) TP2
Pre-intermediate level


Introducing and explaining the concept of compound nouns. 40 minute Vocab lesson with emphasis on everyday objects


Abc Compound Nouns, Draw lines and match words, TP2
Abc Compound Nouns, Chain Card Compound, TP2

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, learners will have reviewed and extended their knowledge of compound nouns

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students (Ss) will have developed their fluency on the topic of doctor visits


Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • To raise interest and set context for the topic

There isn't a content for today's lesson except "everyday objects" and compound nouns. *Using realia and descriptions have Ss name the object and write it on the board. - These objects will be a mix between basic nouns (book, rock, foot, ect...) and compound nouns (tooth brush, train station, shoebox, ect...) - basic nouns will be in 1 column and compound nouns in a different column. Ss will be asked about the difference between the 2 colums - Once Ss acknowledge that the columns are different introduce Compound nouns *Explain that a compound noun is a nouns made up of 2 or more words (not necessarily nouns)

Diagnostic test (10-15 minutes) • To find out what the Ss know and to identify words/phrases I need to teach

Have Ss complete Ex. 3 on pg. 64 (now on printout) BEFORE handing out task, explain to students that the groups on the left side of the page have to be matched up with a word on the right side of the page by drawing a line Hand out sheets to each student and have the work on them individually. THEN, pair them up just for a minute or so to give a quick look at each other answers then go over as a class.

Clarification (5-10 minutes) • To clarify the words in terms of meaning, form, and pronunciation

*Elicit names of compound nouns using words from previous exercise to clarify any doubts the Ss may have. *Once Ss give answer drill Ss on the correct pronunciation alternating between different Ss, 2s, 3, ect... *Write the noun on the board and have Ss decide on how many syllables each noun has and possibly what part of the word is stressed Pictures -alarm clock (alARM clock 2,1) -hair dryer (hair DRYer 1,2) -bookcase (bookcase 1,1) Realia -credit cards (CREdit cards 2,1) -sunglasses (sunGLASses 1,2) -can opener (can OPener 1,3) ? cigarette lighter (cigaRETTE LIGHter 3,2)

Practice (5-10 minutes) • To reinforce the meaning, form, and pronunciation of the items

Ex. 4 on page 64 Put Ss in pairs and describe compound nouns from prior exercise to a pair of Ss until they guess the right word using ex. 4 word doc as a reference

Further Practice (10-15 minutes) • To consolidate/ extend vocab

Chain Card Activity from Teacher's Resource Book Unit 8.2 * Demo the game to the Ss and use ICQs to be sure they understand. * Split the Ss into groups of 4 and monitor. * Once both teams are done, have teams swap sides and check answers * Go over as a class * If time permits, have Ss create a story using at least 5 compounds from their circle * Have one student from each group read their story

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