Mehrdad Mehrdad

Teaching Practice 3
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to practice writing and reading. Students will practice reading for gist and reading for detail. Students will also go over some useful language which will be necessary for their writing practice. And eventually as a main aim of the lesson students will practice the stages of planning, drafting and writing within the context of book review writing.


Main Aims

  • To give students practice in writing a book review.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice in reading for gist and detail.
  • to review/extend students' awareness of features of and useful language in writing a book review.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To set and build the context for reading and writing activities.

Teacher will show the students photos of some famous novels and movies which are of a mystery and adventure genre. If necessary the teacher will try to elicit the concept of "adventure" and "mystery". The teacher will ask students if they have recently seen or read any movie or novel in "adventure" or"mystery" genre. The teacher will try to get student to brainstorm if they liked it or not and why.

Reading for Gist (6-7 minutes) • To read the text for basic understanding of the main idea.

The teacher will ask students whether they have already read a book called "In the sea there are crocodiles" The teacher will then show the students some photos related to the concepts and themes of the this book. The teacher ask students if they can predict the plot of the book. The teacher will pre-teach the vocabulary of a review which is about the mentioned book that students will read shortly after seeing the related photos. Teacher will use the pictures related the the plot of the story to elicit the meaning of the following words: Contemporary, Flee, Abandon, Inflatable, Dinghy Then the teacher would check the form and pronunciation. And finally a matching activity will be given to the students. The teacher will give students the reading text. T will ask students to read very quickly to see if they can get the general idea of the text.

Reading for Details (4-5 minutes) • To read the text for details

The teacher gives the post reading activity to the students. Teacher ask students to read the statements prior to reading for the second time. Students read for the second time individually. When they finish they check in pairs. The teacher ask students to support their answers by correcting the false statements.

Focus on the Writing Skills (2-3 minutes) • to review the language required for writing section.

The teacher quickly reviews the "connecting sentences" so that students may use the grammar while writing. The quick brush up would be done by slide prepared by the teacher

Planning/Drafting/Writing (10-12 minutes) • To practice writing skill by writing a review

The teacher will give a handout which has sample language for writing a review. Teacher will ask students to individually produce their own reviews. After their are finished the teacher puts them in groups and they check their reviews together and correct errors. Teacher will then ask students to decide in their group which review is better. The teacher will ask students to rewrite the selected review on a group writing sheet. Students will put their writings on the board so that others can read and correct errors.

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