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Grammar [Simple Past] (TP 7)


Abc Subjects & Verbs Papers

Main Aims

  • T provide a chance for Ss to practice the simple past tense (negatives and wh- questions) in the context of "last weekend."

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide vocabulary practice for students (past forms of irregular verbs)
  • To provide an opportunity for the Ss to practice the pronunciation of simple past forms of verbs


Lead-in (3 minutes) • To get the students to get back to the context from the previous lesson

-- Ask the Ss, "Did Jessica have a good time last weekend?" -- Get some FB. If some Ss would like to give any reasons, encourage them to speak.

DEMO of Language Analysis (5 minutes) • To show the Ss how they are going to do the pre-task exercise

-- Focus the Ss on the reading HO from the previous lesson. [1 min.] -- Elicit, "What did Jessica do first on Friday?" (She met with friends.) [2 min.] -- Put that on the board and elicit the subject (she) and the verb (met) and its base form (meet). [1 min.] -- Draw a 3-column table on the WB with two headings "Subject" and "Verb." Leave the last column empty. DEMO where the subject and verb from the elicited sentence go. [1 min.]

Pre-task (7 minutes) • To make students more conscious of the sentence structure

-- Put Ss in 3 groups. Ask them to draw the table on a piece of paper. [2 min.] -- Give out some of the verbs and subjects to each group and ask them to write them in their tables. [3 min.] -- Ask them to the WB so that they glue the papers to the WB. [2 min.]

Substitution Drill (5 minutes) • To get Ss to practice the simple past tense and as a pre-stage for introducing the negative forms

-- DEMO with fingers: SUBJECT (thumb) & VERB (index finger). -- DEMO a substitution drill with yourself and one strong student. -- Get the whole class to repeat the demo. [2 min.] -- Do the substitution drill with random groups with the subjects and verbs from the board. [3 min.]

Elicitation & teaching of the negative form (2 minutes) • To elicit the negative form from the reading text

-- Refocus the Ss on the reading text from the previous lesson. -- Ask the Ss to find one negative sentence. -- Elicit the its affirmative form and write it up on the WB. [2 min.]

Substitution Drill with the negative form (3 minutes) • To get the students to practice the negative form of the verb.

-- Give Ss more practice with the negative and affirmative forms. [3 min.]

Controlled Speaking Activity (7 minutes) • To have Ss personalize the context more and write about their own context

-- DEMO (I studied last weekend on Friday night. I did some shopping Saturday. I didn't go out with my girlfriend.) [1 min.] -- Ask Ss to tell each other about their weekend, using the affirmative and negative statements. Tell them to use negative and affirmative sentences. [4 min.] -- Get feedback from Ss about their group members. [2]

Eliciting the wh- question form (6 minutes) • To elicit the wh- question forms from Ss in order to raise their consciousness

-- Use one of the Ss sentences on FB and write it up. (The sentence should contain an adverb of place.) -- Erase the place and put a question mark on it. Gesture that you want to know about the place in order to elicit the word "where." -- Write up "where" and elicit the question. Write the question on the board. BE CAREFUL WITH THE BASE FORM. [2 min.] -- Divide the question with a columns and elicit the headings for each part (Wh- word + did [auxiliary verb] + Subject + Verb + {EMPTY COLUMN}?) [2 min.] -- DEMO THIS WITH ANOTHER SENTENCE and give Ss more chance to get involved.

Controlled Writing Practice (4 minutes) • To provide writing practice of wh- questions

-- Ask the Ss to write down five questions using when, where, how, what, and why. Monitor closely to check their problems. [3 min.]

Controlled Speaking Practice (7 minutes) • To get the Ss to talk, using the simple present tense questions

-- Regroups the Ss in groups of 3. [1 min.] -- Ask them to ask and answer the questions. [4 min.] -- Get FB and encourage the Ss to talk about their group members. [2 min.]

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