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Reading/vocabulary: E pur si muove!
upper intermediate B2 level


The students will skim the text to find out the main idea. Then they will scan it to answer comprehension questions. Then the students will complete a series of activities based on a text about Galileo Galilei. The new words from the text are going to be analyzed and the students will need to guess the meaning from the context. Then they are supposed to retell parts of the text with their own words using the new words.


Main Aims

  • Practice in reading for gist to find out general idea, specific information and details in the context of the text.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Improve speaking and extend vocabulary


Warmer (3-5 minutes) • get students interested in the topic

Watch video from Big Bang Theory (theme music) to get ss interested. Design the board The ss are watching videos of Big Bang Theory, and then first slide of pp is shown with different subjects related with science. Ask students if they can guess today’s lesson topic. How do you know? Did you study science in school? What do you remember? Do you know any scientific theories? Which one? (Will it be difficult to answer to understand for this level?) Which famous scientist can you name? Are they alive or dead?

Pre-reading (5-7 minutes) • encourage students to read the text/get interested

Playing hangman, Ex 1 p. 18. Write the names of some theories on the board in different colors (will it be better one by one or all at the same time) Say that these are the names of famous theories and the students have to guess the missing letters out the words. Leave out some letters. G_ _ _ _ _ _Y _ vo _ _ti _ _ B_ _ B_ _ G Then ask students to work in groups/make a circle of 4 Explain what they are required to do Match pictures with the names of the theories and the theories definition and stick them on paper show them the sample on the board. Name Theory Hand out cuts out

Reading (5-7 minutes)

Make students to work in group Tell the ss that they are going to read a text about one of the theories Ask them to put the parts of the text in order and tell which theory is the text about FB students by giving the students the text with correct order Ex 2 p 18

Reading (5-7 minutes)

Ask the students take their seats Get ex 3 on p 18 on a separate worksheet Ask the students to read the text again carefully /scan it . Ask them to work on their own Make short notes below the questions Ask the students to not copy from the text but give the answer in their own words Ask the students discuss their answers with their partners Get feedback by asking them the questions

reading/vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • to extend students vocabulay

Write new words on the board Infamous Flew in the face of Heresy Recant muttered Revolve Trial Deny Reading/vocabulary Working with vocab Put the students in pairs Hand out one copy of the worksheet with new words put in table Ask students to guess the meaning of the word through the context It’s better to write the phrase with the sentence Make them to tick the tables (I am sure /I am not sure/part of speech /positive/negative meaning/guess the meaning/meaning) Do the first one with them His work was banned Then give the definitions from ex 4 p 18 (cuts out) and ask them to match the words with meaning (still pair work) Ask the students check their answers with answer key on the board. Check the pronunciation/stress of some words Choral /partly/solo repetition Heresy /ˈherəsi/ Recant /rɪˈkænt/ Revolve /rɪˈvɒlv/ Trial /traɪəl/

Speaking (7-10 minutes) • practice new voc/fluency

Ask the students to choose any part of the text and write 5 questions about it. The questions should involve the answers with new words Ask students to ask each other what they found out about Galileo Galiley

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