Ahmed Maher Ahmed Maher

International Train
Beginners U 3B page 27 level


In this lesson, sts will practice countries and nationalities and (to be- negative) Also, they will practice the TL through speaking and listening exercises


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of ( to be- negative) and nationalities vocab

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice the TL through speaking and listening exercises


Warmer (7-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Greet the students show them cards of countries and nationalities ask them Yes/No question to get answers in ( to be - negative) Put the cards on the floor and ask the students to pick up the countries only Ask the other students to pick up the nationalities and go to their countries ask students to pronounce the counties and nationalities and come up with similar endings China - Chinese Japan - Japanese

Wordsearch Puzzle (10-15 minutes) • To practice countries and nationalities

Show sts the word search puzzle Explain it or do a demo. Divide the sts into 3 teams, ask them to give a name Check their answers

Speaking (15-20 minutes) • To play a game of noughts and and crosses( tic - tac - toe )by answering questions correctly

Draw noughts and crosses on the board and ask a student to come to the board to play a game with you. Ask the students to work in groups of four to six and to divide the groups into teams, Team A and team B Give a copy of team A questions to each team A and the same for team B. Give sts clear instruction Each team draws a grid on a piece of paper, and choose noughts or crosses. Each team exchanges asking questions The sts play the game again untill they answer the whole questions .

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