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Useful phrases
Intermidiate.B2 level


In this lesson the ss will discuss about useful phrases.They will learn through diffrent excecises.they ll have a listening text and many another drills.


Abc HO

Main Aims

  • to provide gist , using a listening text that some speaking s happening.used indirect phrases.through different excercises.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist using a listening task .Ss listen to sb are talking, they use of direct and indirect phrases. T can ask SS many kinds of practicing.


Lead in (5-8 minutes) • T gives ss a background of new words to focus Ss mind on indirect lesson.

Teacher starts with a warm greeting shortly, writes her name on the board and asks them to make sure everybody knows her name. She shows a pic of people and asks Ss to tell us their feeling about them; Ex. what does she look like? How do you feel about the pics? Is he full of energy? and makes the Ss mind ready for main aim. T plays the listening part and Ss just listen. Asks them Qs about it, then gives them copied papers with missing words. As they are listening again, they fill in the blanks; then tells them to check their answers in groups; after 3 minutes they do exercise 2 and match for 3min. Then listen to the sentences in exercise 3 and repeat. For exercise 4 ,T gives them GW to help each other. After 8 mins ,check the exercise asking them randomly.

Listening Task

The listening is going to be for gist and specific information about useful phrases in the target language.

Highlighting target language (5-8 minutes)

T gives them a different HO to lead them to SST and monitors them on their tables or walks around them to make sure they use the target language.

Clarifying target language (5-8 minutes)

T writes new words or new phrases on the board. T uses HO3 and asks them in groups to clarify the meaning. T says the word loud and slow to show the correct pronunciation. T gives them HO4 to show how they can use them in real life.

Language practice (8-10 minutes)

T gives them HO2, HO3 and HO4 to focus their attention on using language accurately. T also gives HO1 and HO5 to provide S with freer oral practice for using useful phrases.

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