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Phonology: An introduction to the sounds in the British English phonemic chart.
Input Session: CELTA Trainees. level


In this lesson the learners will be introduced to all of the sounds in the phonemic chart. Firstly, they will be given opportunities to notice the sounds. Then they will be introduced to the tongues position in the pronunciation of monophthongs and diphthongs, and the voiced and unvoiced nature of consonant sounds. Finally, they will practice the sounds during a range of interactive activities.


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Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice the sounds in the British English phonemic chart.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To translate phonemic script to English, and produce British English phonemic words and sentences.


Lead - in (0 minutes) • Generate interest in the topic of the lesson, and activate the learners previous knowledge/experience of the lesson topic.

Learners are each given a card with a name on it, and told that this is their new name. At the beginning of class the trainer calls out the new names as if calling the register. If more than one trainee answers to the name, the name will be called again until the error is corrected. When all the names have been called trainees will be placed in pairs and asked the following questions: What problems may learners of English have with this activity? Why? Ans: They could fail to distinguish between the differing sounds. May not have similar sounds in their L1. What aspect of language does the activity target? Ans: English phonological system i.e. individual vowel sounds.

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