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Teacher Plan 2
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice listening skills and learn why we use infinitives. The lesson will start with an introduction to the importance of water for the body and some vocabulary associated with the body. Then we will do a listen exercise that talks about the importance of water. Finally we will learn why and how we use infinitives.


Abc Various Exercises Hand Out

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about the importance of water in the context of the human body

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of to + infinitives in the context of water


Lead in- (6-7 minutes) • to introduce and generate interest in and practice vocabulary associated with the human body

First I shall talk about water and how it relates to the body. Then I will have the students pair up and list of as many body parts as they can, Then I will have a volunteer from the class come to the front of the class and then read off body parts and have other students come and point them out on the volunteer’s body. I will write the parts on the WB so they can see what they look like.

Check for understanding- (8-10 minutes) • to make sure the students comprehend the vocabulary and the context of the lesson

Then I will have the students do exercise two highlighting some important vocabulary and the relation to the human body and water. Then we will brainstorm reason's why water is important to the body. We will also discus how some of the vocabulary relates to the function of water in the human body.

Listening Exercise- (10-15 minutes) • to gist and specific information in the audio recording about water and the human body

After we are familiar with the words I will ask the students their opinions on the fact that human body is 50-60 percent water. I will ask them how water is connected to certain vocabulary words. Then we will listen to the audio and students will be asked to write down all the body parts they hear in the video. Then I will ask the students to listen to the audio again but listen for the numbers in the recording and tell me what they mean. We will discuss in pairs the how much water they drink and then talk about any interesting facts.

Focus on the grammar- (10-15 minutes) • to discuss the purpose of infinitives

I will write a sentence on the board and ask the students to complete it (with one word). I will then ask them what question an infinitive answers. Then we will do exercise 1(p.24) and check understanding and then we will do exercise 2 (p. 25) and check for understanding. If there is time we will listen to the pronunciation of to and too in the audio.

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