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TP7-Masoud kord-10/2/2020- Vocabulary
Intermedate level


Abc handouts -pictures
Abc ppt slides : self designed

Main Aims

  • To provide
  • To provide
  • for students to understand and use vocabulary in the context of shopping.
  • To provide

Subsidiary Aims

  • For student to practise speaking skills in context of shopping.


Lead-in • To generate interest un the topic of the lessson.

1- Teaher shows a picture of a shopping basket. What's this? ( a shopping basket) 2-Teacher asks students to describe it?

Expand context • to provide a clear situation to present and elicit TL

1- Teacher asks students to discuss in pairs/groups of 3, what they normally buy when they go shopping. 2- teacher monitors 3- when students finish , pairs/groups change to share thoughts about what they have discussed. teacher collects feedbacks.

Elicit language • To elicit samples of the TL

1- Teacher displays pictures on screen. 2-Teacher Elicits target vocabulary, by pointing to the picture.

Focus on meaning • to provide clarification of meaning of TL and check students' understanding.

Teacher displays slideshows again and ask CCQs when necessary. Cat food. 1- Is this a food which has been made for cats? Yes 2- what do we call its container? tin Jam 1- do we make it from fruits ? YES 2- Do we eat it in the time of breakfast ? yes 3) What do we call its container? Jar lemonade 1-What frout do we use for making it? lemon 2- what do we call its container? can Margarine 1- is it simlilar to butter ? yes 2- Is it yellow in color? yes 3- What do we call its container? tub Milk 1- What color is this? white 2-Do cows and goats produce it? Yes 3- what do we call its container? carton? Mineral water 1- does it come from under the ground? yes 2- what do we call its container? bottle Nappies 1- does a baby wear it? yes 2-what do we call its container? packet tissues. 1- is it soft and thin? yes 2- Do you use it for cleaning? yes 3- what do we call its container? box

focus on phonolgy

1- teacher displays The slides to shows the word stress. 2-teacher points to the stress and demonstrates. ss practice drilling in choral and individual.

focus on form. • to provide clarification of the form of TL.

Teacher shows what part of speech the word is by writing it in front of each word on the PPT slides.

Practice 1 # • to provide practise of TL using similar situation.

Teacher chests handout and asks students to fill in the gaps with the words from the box. *students work alone * once SS finish , they check in pair or group of 3 * Teacher monitors , and then collect feedbacks.

practice 2 # • to provide practice of TL, personalizing situation.

Teacher asks students to discuss following questions in pairs. 1-how many of the things in shopping basket do you buy regualrly? 2- which five items are always in your shopping basket?

Feedback to praise good use of TL and to correct errors.

throughout the lesson Teacher notes some errors done by students. teacher establishes error corrections

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