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Upper - Intermediate, B2 level


In this vocabulary lesson the teacher teaches 8 idioms in the context of feelings (happiness, anxiety, worry) through a guided discovery. Then she focuses on the MPF of some unknown or difficult words and gives an opportunity for students to use all the phrases. First of all it is going to be a semi-controlled activity, later - a freer practice.


Main Aims

  • To enrich the students' list of vocabulary with 8 new idioms in the context of feelings (happiness, anxiety, worry) through a guided discovery.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To improve such productive skill as speaking as well as develop fluency by using new idioms in the context of feelings (happiness, anxiety, worry).


Lead-in (5-8 minutes) • to elicit the topic of the lesson

The teacher asks the sts to listen to a part of the song of Dave Barnes "Butterflies". There are some gaps in the lyrics for the sts to fill in. While they are listening, the teacher hangs a picture of the man with butterflies in his stomach. When the music is over, the teacher asks the correct answers and lets the sts guess the meaning of this phrase. Then the teacher pays the sts' attention to the WB. 'Look at this picture and ...." The teacher asks CCQs: 1) Why is he happy? 2) Is it a bad feeling? 3) Do you feel that before doing something or after? Then the T and the sts come to the term "idiom". CCQs: 1) If I translate this phrase word - by - word, will it have the meaning? 2) When is it meaningful? 3) How do we call such phrases?

Vocabulary (3-7 minutes) • to become familiar with the new vocabulary and its MPF

Work with Ex.2 in the HO in pairs. Read the idioms quickly and try to guess their meaning. If the sts have questions here, make MPF. The T has to pay attention to the following words: to bury, stomach, butterfly, through. (a proper explanation is in the analysis list)

A semi - controlled activity (12-17 minutes) • To use the new vocabulay in the context

The T gives a folded HO with the pictures of these idioms. The sts have to match the pictures with the idioms from Ex.2. The T lets them know the answers, just putting a sheet of paper with correct answers on the desk. Then the sts unfold the HO and see the meanings of the idioms in the pictures. First the sts have to reply who was right about the meaning and who was wrong. Then the T writes a question on WB 'What do you feel when....(an idiom)? What do you do when ...? for the sts to use all the phrases in a semi-controlled activity.

Vocabulary (3-4 minutes) • To start using these idioms in discussions

Look at the EX. 4. Complete the sentences with the correct idiom form Ex. 2. Work in pairs but this time with other partrners. Then check the sts' replies together but choosing the most exciting answers.

Freer Practice (3-4 minutes) • To get the sts to use these idioms

The sts have to look at three pictures in the HO and reply which idioms they relate to and why. They are going to work in pairs but with different partners. NOTE! For fun divide them using such names as HAPPY, SAD, RESERVED.

Freer practive (3-5 minutes) • To check the knowledge of the sts

The T gives the cards with the pictures of the idioms to the sts. One student receives a card, explains the meaning to another student and them swaps the paper.

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