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Story Writing
Upper Intermediate level


Ss will be given the opportunity to practice using the past forms from the previous Slot. It also helps Ss to activate their background knowledge, passive vocabulary, etc. Ss will be encouraged to be very creative and imaginative but widen to think about personal goals and then a mock election campaign. It will link back to the previous lessons on being optimistic.


Abc Color Tabs

Main Aims

  • To give Ss practice in writing a mystery story implementing the TL

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss the opportunity to practice the past simple, perfect, and perfect continuous.


Lead in - Imagination activation (8-10 minutes) • To activate Ss' imaginations by eliciting descriptive vocabulary.

Place a picture face down on the 1 of the 2 students desks. Place my descriptive words on the board but hidden by another piece of paper. "When I say 'go,' you will turn the paper over to reveal a picture. In pairs, (gesture) you will describe the scene 1. using past simple, past ____, and past ____ ______. 2. Be as descriptive as possible." Drill "descriptive" for pronunciation. "What do I want to hear? (Gesturing 1- verb tense) (Gesturing 2 -be descriptive)" What does that mean? [Half of the class has 1 picture\Half has the other] Place the 1st image on the board. "Let's hear some descriptions of this picture." Ss respond - write descriptive adjectives as I hear them. Turn the 1st upside down and the 2nd over. "And this one?" Ss respond - write adjectives as I hear them. Reveal my descriptive words. Drill the words focusing on problem points with pronunciation and stress. "What do these mean?" - If no one knows, eerie - "is this normal? (no strange) is this funny? (no scary)=eerie; horrified (gesture); pensive (gesture, not relaxed); enamored (gesture/break up) "Which picture do these words go with?" "What are these images of?" Hints: film, H G Wells. "Has anyone seen the film?"

Criteria of a good story (5-7 minutes) • To elicit Ss to describe the qualities of a good story.

Have a student from the back or stage right move to the front stage left. "In pairs, (gesturing) discuss a book or story you love and why. Are you only going to give 1 reason why you love the book? (No, give several) Take 2 minutes to discuss." Monitor from a point I can hear most conversations, stealthily moving around the room, paying attention to qualities I want them to focus on. ALSO, place colored paper on the walls: stage right, stage left, center, and house left. Write on the board "Qualities of a Good Story." "Names some qualities that make up a good story" Ss will give answers. I will write them on the board if agreed upon by the class.

Creative Writing (13-15 minutes) • To create a story by inventing answers to provided questions and writing them down.

Distribute color tabs carefully choosing a mixture of vocal, creative, weaker, stronger students together. "Form groups based on the color paper you have. Where is the red group going to be? (gesture if necessary) Find your groups and form a circle." Chest the HO. "You are going to write a story about ______ (Gesturing to the title on the board.) On this HO, you will find several questions. Use them to create your stories. Will you only answer the questions? (No) What are you writing? (a story) Does everyone in the group need to be writing? (No, one person can write) You will have 10 minutes to write. Be descriptive; be creative. Use your imagination." Hand the Ss the writing HO. Collect the color tabs.

Peer Reading (8-10 minutes) • To allow Ss to see each other's work and see how creative each other can be

"When I say stand up, please place you stories on the your group's colored paper on the wall. Then, read the stories from the other groups. How many stories are there? (4) How many will you read? (3) When you have read them all please return to your group." Ss will walk around and read the other stories.

Judging and praise IF THERE IS TIME (3-5 minutes) • To allow Ss to receive positive feedback from each other and give each other encouragement

While the Ss are reading, write words I would like to focus on from the qualities that make up a good story discussion (3 or 4). I will place the Color Tabs on 1 of the tables in the group. "What have you found on your desks? What are those words? (Gesture to the board if necessary) In your groups, discuss which of the stories you read was the best example of that quality. When you have decided, place that word on the story you have chosen. Can you put more than quality word on the same story? (Yes) Is the decision made by 1 student? (No, the whole group."

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