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Teaching Practice 4b
Beginners level


In this listening lesson students will view four pictures of different cities and ask each other what they can do in each. After listening to a recording on each city they will match activities to the city. Then they will look at different photos of places in Turkey and other countries and describe to their partner to guess the city.


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Main Aims

  • I want them to use their listening skills to be able to speak a bit about the different cities shown.
  • Task before audio technique. To provide deduction listening practice using a text about world cities in the context of travel.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking practice in a conversation in the context of travel


Warmer/Lead-In (2-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Four photos of different places/cities will be placed around the room. T will ask: "What do you think you can do in these places?" "Do you like this place?"

Pre-Listening (5-10 minutes) • To prepare students for the audio and make it accessible.

Students will walk around the room in pairs and look at the pictures. They will discuss what they can do in the various places ("go shopping, go camping, go swimming.....")

Activity 1 - Listening Practice (15-20 minutes) • To give students listening practice about activities that may interest them.

T will play each of the four audios which correspond to the four pictures, pausing after each to ask: "Which place is it? What did they do there?" **Students will individually write down activities done in the city, then in pairs, establish and discuss where it is and what activities they did there.

Activity 2 - Vocabulary Practice (5-7 minutes) • To get students to recognize vocabulary by matching statements with the cities.

T will have the four photos now on the board and several statements underneath. One by one the statements will be shown for students to match with the pictures. **Students will say which statements match which photo. They will come up to the board and place the statement under the corresponding picture.

Activity 3 - Speaking Practice (5-10 minutes) • To get students to speak using new vocabulary about what they did in a place.

T introduces the activity and will show students a photo of New York City. T will say "We went shopping, We went sightseeing....") T will distribute photos of different cities and in pairs, one student will tell the other what they did there, but won't say the place. ("I went shopping...." "I went to museums....") The other student will guess the place.

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