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İrem's TP 1
Beginner level


In this lesson,first of all, students will warm-up to review some of the language from earlier class such as names,where from and numbers. Then,they will learn vocabulary in the context of jobs and read some profiles about jobs, do prediction, gist and specific speaking task.


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Abc Emergency Workers
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice in the context of jobs

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and inference reading practice using a text about emergency workers in the context of jobs


Warmer/Lead -in (10 minutes) • To review personal information language from previous lesson and engage students

T introduces herself (name-where from etc.) T asks some of the Ss to spell her name& surname & phone number & where from T asks Ss to do it in pairs

Pre Reading (10 minutes) • To prepare students for the text and jobs

T will split the class into two groups to match the pictures and names of jobs T will introduces the jobs that has just given and teach how to pronounce & gives the meaning of unknown such as paramedics.

Reading (15 minutes) • To predict the contents of the reading

T will give Ss a reading about Jobs and ask them to match with the picture which are given next to it. T will draw a chart on the board and want Ss to first complete on their own and then want them to come to board and write it. T asks Ss to put a/an for every jobs.

If- Time Activity (10 minutes) • To encourage students to use a/an & speaking practice about jobs

T will write sentences on the board and ask Ss to fill in the gaps with a/an T will ask some Ss' jobs and encourage them to speak T will hand out an activity which is called "find someone a pilot/architect etc." the aim was to practice on more about jobs.

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