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B1 level


In this lesson, Ss will speak about the problems of teenagers and their parents based on their own experiences. Then they will skim and scan a text written by a teenager's parents and improve their reading skills. After the reading part, they will discuss the necessity of communication between teenager children and parents.


Main Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about a parent having troubles with her teenager children in the context of family, teenagers, planning

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a discussion in the context of family, teenagers


Warmer/Lead-in (10-12 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Ask ss about their age and let them lie if they want. Ask them: "Any teenagers?" , "Any parents?" , "Any aunts or uncles?" Ask them: "Any difficulties at work, at school, at home, exams, money, responsibilities...? Say "We have different problems at different stages in life, right?" Say "We'll focus on the problems of teenagers and their parents." Divide the class into two groups by using the classification of colors "Red, Blue" Point two tables on the left and say "Reds, come here" Point two tables on the right and say "Blues, come here" Say "Reds will discuss about the problems which teenagers have and Blues will discuss about problems teenager parents have" (Stress the word Parent) "Take little notes about main problems, but do not write full sentences" ICQ: "Reds, Will you discuss about problems of babies? "Will you discuss about the problems of teenagers? "Will you write anything?" "Will you write full sentences or little notes?" "Blues, will you discuss about teenager's problems or the problems of teenager's parents? "Will you write anything?" "Will you write full sentences or little notes?" Say "You have 5 minutes" (Give each group a few blank sheets) Monitor them and check if they switch to L1, if they write notes and full sentences. Warn them when 1 minute is left Re-group them by changing the seats of the ss sitting in the alley side. Say "Work in pairs. Check and see if you and your pair have similar or different problems about teenagers and their parents. Look at your notes. You have 2 mins" ICQ: "Will you discuss with your pair from the other group?" After they are about to finish, ask them for a solution for the problems. Instruction: "Work in your groups and try to find a solution for the problems" (2 mins.)

Reading Skills (skimming) (4-5 minutes) • To work on skimming skills

Instruction "Look at the text I will give you and tell me who wrote the article. A parent or a teenager? " ICQ: "Will you read it all?" "Will you look for some general idea? Put 10 copies for each table, back side on the top. Say:"Take one" "Turn them over. You have 30 seconds to decide" Get the answers. Instruction: "Work in pairs, look at the text for two minutes again and tell me" "Does it talk about anything you discussed?" "What is the main problem in the text? Write on the board: 1. Anything you discussed? 2.What's the main problem? Monitoring: Tell them not to worry about unknown words. Nominate them to speak for answers.

Reading Skills (Scanning) (12-14 minutes) • To provide them a chance to work on scan reading skills

Instruction: "I'll give you a summary for the text. Work in pairs. Predict if the word in the gap is a noun, adjective or a verb. Fill in the blanks with one or two words from the text. You have 5 minutes. ICQ: "How many words can you use to fill in the gap? Can you use three words?" Pass on the handout folded. Monitoring: Observe and try to find the s with the most correct answers. Nominate the S with the most correct answers to read the summary. Stop her/him after each sentence to ask the class if there is any problem. Refer ss to look at Ex2C. Write the first statement on the board and underline the words 'Simon' and 'late' as keywords. Ask ss to underline the keywords for the rest (1 min) Monitor and help the weaker ss. 1. Simon, late 2. teenage, answer, questions 3. worries, where 4. teenager, plan, early 5. the mother, change, behaviour Instruction: Work in Pairs. Look at the text and try to find the information related to the keywords and see if the statements are true or false. If you find the same thing in the text, then it's true. You have 3 minutes. ICQ: "Will the read the whole text?" "Will you look for something specific? "If you can't find it in the text, is it True or False?" (it's False) Monitor them. Nominate the ss. and ask "Is the first statement True? the 2nd? 3rd.... Clarify any confusion.

Vocabulary Building (6-7 minutes) • Guessing the meaning from context

Instruction: "Look at the other side of the HO. Look at Ex2D. There are some definitions of the words in the article. The paragraph numbers are given." ICQ: "Where is the word for definition 1 in the text? Which paragraph? What about 3rd definition?" Instruction: "Work in pairs and find the words in the paragraphs. You have three minutes" Stick the answers for each definitions on the different places of the classroom. After they finish, tell them to find them in the classroom.

Speaking discussion of topic (5-7 minutes) • To provide ss with discussion skills

Regroup into small groups of 4 and tell them to discuss the questions in Ex3. Instruction: "Work in groups. Do you think parents should know about their teenager's plans?" "Have mobile phones changed the way that people make plans?" "You have 3 mins" ICQ: "How many questions are there in Ex3?" "Will you discuss them both?" "Will you discuss it in pair or in group?" Monitor them and make note of language for feedback. Give feedback after the task.

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